Honors Contract


All students in the UVU Honors Program need Honors Contracts in several upper-division courses (almost never in lower-division courses) to earn a baccalaureate degree with Honors. In consultation with the student, faculty design appropriate measures to ensure the student performs at an identifiably high standard. This may take the form of challenging a student with more work; but it may also ask the student to take more qualitatively substantive or advanced approaches to course content and assignments.

An Honors Contract should ensure students engage required and/or supplementary course materials at a high level. 

Faculty whose courses are already extremely rigorous might consider:

  •  choosing 2-3 major concepts, projects, assessments, or other course aspects for high achievement
  •  stipulate at what level the students should achieve in order to earn Honors credit; this approach may be taken in lieu of adding additional work to the course.

The following suggestions provide some guidance for faculty who are approached by students who need to complete an Honors Contract. Select the suggestions (or design others) most appropriate to your course and discipline to support the student’s ambition of graduating with Honors:

  1. Ask the Honors student to attain, for instance, scores of at least a 90% on two or three of the most challenging aspects of the course.
  2. Require more advanced supplemental reading, especially of primary sources
  3. Assign more opportunities for writing, assessed at a higher standard
  4. Ask the student to exhibit enhanced skill demonstration, critical thinking, analysis, and/or interpretation
  5. Ask the student demonstrate synthesis of different perspectives or points of view
  6. Require use of resources or consultants from beyond the campus itself (such as other university libraries, archives, research sites, interviews or interactions with business or industry personnel) 
  7. Ask the student to generate community-based experiences: field trips, interviews, cultural events 
  8. Offer opportunities for Honors student leadership in the classroom: leading study groups, leading class discussion, assisting faculty in preparation and delivery of instructional material
  9. Assign the student to investigate an area of the discipline not covered in depth in the regular course, either through a literature search, an annotated bibliography, or a conventional research paper
  10. Ask the student to apply the information/expertise learned in the course in an advanced, creative or entrepreneurial way

Thank you for considering supporting Honors Program students in earning a degree with Honors. Faculty with questions about Honors Contracts should contact the Honors Program Director:

Kate McPherson, PhD kmcpherson@uvu.edu 801-863-8055 


Contracts are due by May 29, 2018.