Honors Thesis/Project Form


The Honors Program Senior Thesis or Project is the capstone to the student’s undergraduate experience in the Honors Program. It is a two-semester project, which results in 45-50 pages of research (or a similar time commitment to a project with some kind of public component, e.g., a performance, presentation, workshop, poster session, publication in an academic or creative journal, etc.) on a topic approved by the student’s Faculty Committee. Topics will only be approved if the student demonstrates adequate course work or other preparation in the area of interest.

Having devoted considerable effort to the conceptualization and execution of your senior thesis or project, you face the task of communicating the results of your scholarship, research, or artistic endeavor. Various disciplines have standards of their own and it is the intent of the Honors Program to permit students to adopt a genre and style consistent with their academic discipline. In all questions of substance, the discipline is the guide; talk to your mentor, also known as your thesis or project chair.

You need to be mindful of time constraints; underestimating how much time is required for formatting and preparation after the research is completed is a common problem. Generally, it takes longer than you might expect and the end is always a crunch. At every stage, you will be well served by maintaining close contact with your mentors.

Your thesis or project, and anything resulting from it, represent your contribution to the knowledge of your field. Therefore, the thesis or project must be written or presented in a style and format that are acceptable, consistent, and readily understood—which is why your thesis or project must conform to the requirements in this guide. The well-written thesis or project not only reflects favorably on you but also on your committee, the Honors Program, and Utah Valley University.

Thank you for considering supporting Honors Program students in earning a degree with Honors. Faculty with questions about Honors Contracts should contact the Honors Program Director:

Kate McPherson, PhD kmcpherson@uvu.edu 801-863-8055 


If you are ready to begin the Honors Program Thesis or Project , please complete the Honors Thesis/Project Submission Form.