Utilities and Services

Sometimes utilities are included in your monthly rent, but if not, they can be an added expense that you should factor into your budget. When looking for places to rent, be sure to understand which utilities you are responsible for paying and which ones, if any, are included in the rental costs.  Also ask the landlord what the average estimated costs of utilities are for the rental unit.

If you need to set up utilities for your off-campus residence, here are some utility companies for the local Orem/Provo area:

  • Rocky Mountain Power
    To establish electrical service in the Orem Area, please contact Rocky Mountain Power at 1-888-221-7070.
  • Provo City Power
    To establish electrical service in the Provo Area, please contact Provo City Power at 1-801-852-6000.
  • Questar Gas
    To get gas service in the Orem/Provo area, call the Questar Gas Company at 1-800-323-5517.

Utility Rights

The Utah Public Service Commission has established rules about utility consumer / company relationships. These rules cover payment of bills, late charges, security deposits, handling complaints, service disconnections and other matters. These rules assure customers of certain rights and outline customer responsibilities.

Learn more regarding utility customer rights and responsibilities.

Man Holding a plug

Utility Bills and Roommates

There is a new, high-tech way to "SPLIT THE BILLS" with your roommates!  A student friendly app that easily helps you bill the roommates without needing to track anyone down. 

  • UNBill - Pay Bills Automagically