Finding a place is so easy that it almost feels like cheating!

Proud UVU Sponsors <<<

Utah Valley University works with off-campus housing to provide students with an enhanced student-life experience called the "Residential Engagement Initiative." Each participating student housing complex listed here is a "Proud UVU Sponsor" of the Residential Engagement Coordinator Program. Each sponsoring complex listed supports university programming and desires each student's success here at Utah Valley University!

Housing Map (PDF) <<<

Proximity to campus is the key to success! We know UVU students are always trying to live as close to campus as possible. The housing map provides proximity information about various student housing complexes near Utah Valley University. Use this map to find out which complex will get you closer to campus.

Housing Classified Search <<<

We know it's not always easy to find the right housing, so the Department of Housing and Residence Life provides students at Utah Valley University with helpful search information regarding available student housing located within the local Provo/Orem area. Since Utah Valley University does not provide any on-campus housing or dormitory options, the housing office presents students with various third party classified systems that list detailed information about various rental units near the university.  You can find the various systems on our Housing Classified Search Page.

Housing Booklet (PDF) <<<

The Housing Booklet is the perfect online reference for your housing search!  Inside you will find local advertisements for various student housing apartment complexes surrounding Utah Valley University. Also you can quickly find student housing information condensed into a set of spreadsheets located in the middle of the housing booklet which will help you find all the facts about locations, amenities, pricing, and other valuable information that will help you possibly find the housing you desire.

DISCLAIMER: Please reference the "Housing Disclaimer" page.