About Us

In keeping with the University's mission, the History and Political Science department is dedicated to providing students with a broad range of opportunities in general-education and discipline-specific courses. Our faculty members are committed to quality teaching, mentoring, and research. In an environment of discussion-based classroom experience and independent research opportunities, students develop analytical abilities, communication skills, and history and political science research methods. The History and Political Science department continually strives to provide a reflective, multicultural, and international perspective for students to actively engage in.


UVU's History Program is dedicated to developing the twenty-first century student. We provide the general student body a broad range of courses that increase global awareness, engagement and informed citizenship, as well as develop critical thinking, writing, and oral expression. In addition, History majors can choose from a large number of in-depth upper division courses that further their content knowledge and expand their abilities to critically analyze past and current events in a variety of regions and nations. In all courses, students and faculty observe the human experience by investigating the diverse historical perspectives of the past and present. History faculty endeavor to teach in ways that foster independent thinking, engage the students with historical conversations and debates, and improve students' ability to communicate in a variety of media. Students who successfully complete our programs will have a valuable set of skills for further study in graduate and professional programs, and careers in public service or private enterprise. Learn more


Political Science enjoys a central position among the social sciences. Aristotle characterized politics as the "queen of the sciences." It is a broad discipline that encompasses philosophical, historical and analytical studies of government, politics and policies. Political Science majors learn the concepts, theories and methods associated with the discipline, as well as gaining cognitive and presentational skills required of tomorrow's leaders, both in the public and private sectors. At its core, politics is about building and maintaining communities at the local, state, national and international levels that enable citizens to live enriching and fulfilling lives. Our students develop an understanding of those communities along with the ability to influence them. Political Science students develop a versatility of skills that prepare them for a wide range of future career paths. The career possibilities include: Government Service and Public Administration at the federal, state, and local levels; Policy Analysis and Lobbying for both non-profit organizations and corporations; Foreign Service; Campaign Consulting; Public Opinion and Marketing Research; Journalism; and Secondary and Post-Secondary Education. Political Science is also the leading course of study for students preparing to enter law school. Learn more