Why Should You Study History at Utah Valley University?

Is the past important? Does history have some relevance for us here in the present? In many ways studying the past is the key to understanding the present. On a very practical level, the history major will help you develop skills that are useful no matter what career path you choose in life. These skills include critical thinking and problem solving, research and analysis, writing and historical interpretation, and cultural literacy. Imagine how helpful a fluency in these skills will be in grappling with the major issues of human history and civic engagement, as well as your role as a future leader in this great democracy. As a global citizen, your history education will help you engage the present and the future from an informed perspective. Studying history at Utah Valley University will help you develop those skills in a challenging yet nurturing environment that consists of small-classes, which facilitates a more informal and intimate learning experience. You will find the most supportive staff and faculty ready to help you build a bridge to the future, as a college graduate pursing an employment goal, or as a graduate student pursuing an advanced degree. Our degree programs are diverse and provide many opportunities to supplement your history courses with other opportunities at the university. For example, the department has a chapter of the history honor society Phi Alpha Theta. We host a lecture series that is now in its 12th year of bringing world-class scholars to campus to discuss major turning points in human history and to work with students in a seminar environment to study important historical documents. The program also offers the student opportunities for internships, which allows them to engage with history beyond the classroom and in the ‘real’ world. And, we have a student journal (Crescat Scientia) that showcases student's writing and encourages discourse in the wider realm of human history.

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The American Historical Association has a website that provides a very useful list of possible careers for history majors. The URL is: