Is This Degree For You?

Although most people, if asked, would presume the only thing you can do with a degree in Political Science is go into politics or go on to law school. However, nothing could be further from the truth. The student spends four years learning about different types of government, how nations interact, how political leaders accomplish goals, how to analyze policies, and discussing the foundations of government. But Political Science majors rarely go straight from college to serving as legislators, political executives, and aides to important political leaders. Sure many people with a Political Science degree go onto law school. Others become Political Consultants, Lobbyists and even Diplomats. These are typical careers but there are many others. Just having a degree in Political Science opens up other doors you probably wouldn't even think of, simply because of the skills you learn while studying it. You might ask what skills you will be taught as a Political Science major. You will be taught how to research, how to analyze and how to write. It also teaches you to think for yourself, and to understand difficult concepts. Most people who have degrees in Political Science have above average math and language skills. All of these skills can be utilized in many different careers. You can pursue exciting careers in Law, Business, Journalism, Intelligence, and Foreign Policy making, Teaching in High School or College, Nonprofit Organization, Campaign Management, Policy Analysis, Government Consulting, Humanitarian Relief, Government Management, and many other fields.

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