Model United Nations Program

Model UN representatives

Components of  Model United Nations Program

The model United Nations program at Utah Valley University (UVU) is supported by the Department of History and Political Science.

Components of the program are as follows: 

#1 Taking POLS 2150 “Model United Nations” that will teach students about the structure and functions of the United Nations (UN) in today’s world. The Model United Nations class is designed as a working simulation of the United Nations. The class is conducted in two phases. The first section is a lecture component, which introduces students to the history, structure, politics, and basic operations of the UN. The majority of the class is the second section that is conducted as a workshop and allows students to play the role of delegates of various countries around the world, giving speeches, debating about important global issues, and drafting and voting on UN resolutions negotiated and developed by students. During class meetings, students will assume the role of their country’s representative and simulate the actions of UN politics. The simulation is an interactive one, where representatives will need to respond, react, and compromise with other representatives in the context of contemporary global politics.

#2 Participation as part of a UVU Model United Nations team. The UVU Model UN team is composed of students who have satisfactorily completed POLS 2150 and have been trained in the politics and process of the UN. These students represent UVU at various collegiate Model UN conferences around the United States. Previous UVU Model UN teams have participated in the Model UN conference of the Far West (MUNFW) that was held in San Francisco, California and the Southern Regional Model United Nations conference (SRMUN) held in Atlanta, Georgia. In past years, UVU Model UN students have also had the opportunity to visit the UN General Assembly in New York during its general debate.