About Us

Human Resources serves as a strategic partner supporting Utah Valley University as an employer of choice by attracting, sustaining, and inspiring Great people, with Great passion, working for a Great purpose. We seek to advance workplace solutions and services through leadership, excellence, innovation, and engagement, to enrich the work and learning environment for our faculty, staff and students.

Human Resources Staff

For more information concerning UVU human resources services, please contact the appropriate Human Resources Office listed below:


Judy Martindale
Director - Compensation/Benefits
Phone: 801-863-8932
E-Mail: Judy.Martindale@uvu.edu

Wayne Squire
Manager - Compensation
Phone: 801-863-6089
E-mail: Wayne.Squire@uvu.edu

Heather Goodale
Analyst - Compensation
Phone: 801-863-8566
E-Mail: HGoodale@uvu.edu 

Samantha Morgan-Start
Manager - Benefits
Phone: 801-863-8704
E-Mail: Samantha.Start@uvu.edu

Denise Cordero
HR Generalist - Benefits
Phone: 801-863-8241
E-Mail: DCordero@uvu.edu

Cameron Evans
Coordinator - Employee Wellness
Phone: 801-863-8389
E-Mail: Cameron.Evans@uvu.edu

Jan Parker
Administrative Support
Phone: 801-863-6595

E-Mail: JParker@uvu.edu

Shari Elmadhoun
Administrative Support
Phone: 801-863-6012
E-Mail: ShariE@uvu.edu

HRIS and Records:

Colby Callahan
Director - HRIS & Records
Phone: 801-863-8401
E-Mail: callahcl@uvu.edu

Ashlyn Robb
Specialist - HR Records
Phone: 801-863-8007
E-Mail: ARobb@uvu.edu

Callie Zoolakis
Specialist - HR Records
Phone: 801-863-8007
E-Mail: Callie.Zoolakis@uvu.edu

Jill Crawley
HR Representative
Phone: 801-863-8402
E-mail: crawleji@uvu.edu

Elizabeth Green
Human Resources Assistant
Phone: 801-863-6250
E-Mail: EGreen@uvu.edu

Mark Wiesenberg
Associate Vice President of Human Resources/Equity Officer
Phone: 801-863-6076
E-Mail: MWiesenberg@uvu.edu

Anne Roquemore
Administrative Support IV
Phone: 801-863-6797
E-mail: AnneR@uvu.edu

HR Front Desk:

Victoria Lyons
Administrative Support II
Phone: 801-863-5627
E-Mail: VLyons@uvu.edu

Lucia Garcia
Administrative Support II
Phone: 801-863-8207
E-Mail: LuciaG@uvu.edu

Employment Services:

Kurt Ashworth
Director - Employment Services
Phone: 801-863-5360
E-Mail: KAshworth@uvu.edu

Laura Carlson
Manager - Employee Relations
Phone: 801-863-8915
E-Mail: LCarlson@uvu.edu

Daniel Delgadillo
Manager - Employee Learning & Development
Phone: 801-863-6745
E-Mail: Daniel.Delgadillo@uvu.edu

Irene Whittier
Employee Accommodations Coordinator
(ADA & other Workplace Accommodations)
Phone: 801-863-5300
E-Mail: IWhittier@uvu.edu

Catherine Krug 
HR Representative - Employment Services
Phone: 801-863-8257 
E-Mail: Catherine.Krug@uvu.edu

Christie Snyder
Manager - Employment 
Phone: 801-863-6303
E-mail: Christie.Snyder@uvu.edu

Tina Green
HR Generalist - Employment
Phone: 801-863-8760
E-Mail: CGreen@uvu.edu

Terri Fredrickson
HR Generalist - Employment
Phone: 801-863-8740
E-Mail: TerriF@uvu.edu