Utah Valley University (UVU) offers an employee wellness  program  for all employees currently enrolled in the medical plan. 

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"It is essential to take time for ourselves and improve upon our overall health and wellness."






Available to employees enrolled in the University's medical plan

Program runs October 1, 2014 – April 30, 2015

$100 incentive for obtaining 800 wellness points!

Earn points by:

  • Clinical Health Risk Assessment (100 points) - After you submit you are enrolled in the program.
    • Current Employees must complete by November 30th 2014 to be eligible for incentive.
    • New Employees must complete within 60 days of hire to be eligible for incentive.
  • Preventative Physical Exam (300 points)
  • Action plans – wide range of topics (100 points each, up to 3) - Can take up to 6 weeks for each plan.  
  • Flu Shot (100 points) 
  • Attend a Know Your Benefits Training (100 points) - Dates and times can be found under Training Opportunities.
  • Participate in the “Get Moving” Challenge in March (100 points) - Will be held in March. 


Important:  If you are participating in the employee wellness program and you did not receive your flu shot at one of HR’s flu shot clinics, or you did not check in with the HR representative you must provide proof of receiving the vaccine to receive the wellness points for the flu shot.

Part-Time and Non-Benefited employees may participate in Student Wellness Programs - See the Wellness Programs for information and upcoming events. 

For questions please contact Cameron Evans at Ext. 8389

UVU Employee Wellness Program


UVU Student Wellness Programs