Employee Development

Utah Valley University faces a variety of complex institutional challenges. To address these challenges, Human Resources, in collaboration with our partners from across the university, provides leadership, excellence, innovation, and engagement that extends beyond traditional organizational boundaries. This strategic plan aligns Human Resources with UVU’s mission, values, objectives and goals to identify and articulate strategic human resource management solutions, provide skilled advice and counsel, identify and implement best practices, and recognize individual and organizational success.

Professional Development Programs

Supervisor Essentials
Supervisor Essentials is a development program designed to help UVU’s current and future supervisory employees be engaged leaders. At the core of the program is the idea that successful people management is an essential element to sustain a dynamic university infrastructure. Supervisor Essentials is open to any university employee. Employees new to a supervisory role or who aspire to be a leader at UVU are strongly encouraged to attend. (Typically offered three times each year) 

Ongoing Training Programs

New Employee Orientation
New Employee Orientation gives newly hired full-time employees an overview of Utah Valley University, information regarding general policies and procedures, a comprehensive review of employee benefits, and an overview of campus events and opportunities. (Generally held the first working day of the month) 

UVUHire Training (includes AA/EEO training)
The purpose of UVUHire training is to certify UVU employees for service on hiring/search committees. Every staff/faculty search committee member is required to go through SafeHire training and every committee must also have a trained AA/EEO representative who can assist with compliance with UVU policy and State and Federal employment law. This training will include an introduction to employment law and focus on practical application in UVU hiring/search committees. Previously certified employees are welcome to come for refresher training if needed. It is recommended that certifications be renewed at least every two years to remain current. (this training is online through UVULearn)

Preparing Position Descriptions
Preparing Position Descriptions is designed to increase awareness of the importance of position descriptions and provide a tool for writing effective position descriptions. The increasing amount of legislation and employee litigation has made job documentation a must. The key outcomes of the session are to know why position descriptions are needed, what should be included in position descriptions, and how to enter and route your position description in the on-line warehouse.  When properly developed, position descriptions have the potential for a wide variety of administrative applications. (Typically offered monthly) 

Introduction to UVU ePAFs
Introduction to UVU ePAFs is designed to help employees learn how to originate and approve ePAF's through the myUVU system as well as tracking ePAF's through the approval process. The training also provides a forum to get answers to pressing questions as well as introduce additional online resources and information. The training is directed toward personnel coordinators, hiring managers, supervisors, or any employee needing to originate or approve ePAF's for their department. (Typically offered quarterly) 

Introduction to UVU.Jobs
Introduction to UVU.Jobs is designed to help employees learn how to requisition and prepare job announcements on the UVU.Jobs system as well as helping those employees involved in hiring committees managing applications through the site.  The training also provides a forum to get answers to pressing questions. The training is directed toward personnel coordinators, hiring managers, supervisors, or any employee needing to post a job for their department. (Typically offered as needed) 

Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Training (for supervisors)
Non-Discrimination, Harassment, and Retaliation Training is designed for supervisors of Utah Valley University to: 1) heighten awareness and improve attitudes within the workplace to support and respect diversity and 2) alert employees to their responsibilities and rights in the prevention of unlawful harassment in the workplace. From gossip to sexual harassment, this session addresses a wide variety of issues surrounding Respect and Unlawful Harassment. Specific information includes what is diversity, what is unlawful harassment, why an employee should be concerned about it, what an employee can do about preventing unlawful harassment in the workplace, and why retaliation is not permitted.  (Typically offered as needed)

On-line Training & Information

New2UVU (online orientation information for new employees)

Human Resources Policy Updates:

On June 21, 2012, the Board of Trustees approved the following UVU Policies for staff employees.

  • UVU Policy #331 – Performance Evaluation for Staff Employees
  • UVU Policy #334 – Probationary Period for Staff Employees
  • UVU Policy #371 – Corrective Actions and Termination for Staff Employees

These policies outline the University's processes and procedures with regard to full-time staff employees who are in a probationary period as well as those staff employees who have completed their probationary period.  The Policy Tip Sheets provided below have been developed to help employees understand the policies and their responsibilities and requirements. Supervisors and other University leaders should review the polices and corresponding tip sheets in order to effectively administer the policies in their areas.

Accessing Direct Deposit Advice (Paystub) (PDF):
Employees receive an e-mail notification each pay period informing them that their Direct Deposit Advice is available online through myUVU. Employees are able to view current Direct Deposit Advices, as well as, historical Direct Deposit Advices.

TIMS Time Entry Instructions (PDF):
TIMS time entry is used by part-time employees to clock-in/out of work.

TIMS Time Entry Manager Instructions (PDF):
Leaders approve time entered using the UVU Time Information Management System (T.I.M.S.) accessed through myUVU.

TIMS Leave Entry Instructions (PDF):
TIMS leave entry is used by full-time employees to enter their exception time and/or leave.

TIMS Leave Manager Instructions (PDF):
Leaders approve exception time and/or leave using the UVU Time Information Management System (T.I.M.S.) accessed through myUVU.

Department Time Instructions (PDF):
Department Time Entry is used by a few departments to enter Time Sheets for part-time employees designated, by Payroll, as Department Time/Leave Entry.

Proxy Instructions (PDF):
Proxy gives the Responsible Party of an Organization Code the ability to Proxy their Time/Leave Approval Rights to someone else in the Department. A "HR Banner Access Form" must be submitted to Human Resources requesting Proxy access before the Responsible Party can grant the Proxy access.

Tuition Waiver Instructions (PDF):
Online Tuition Waiver is used by UVU faculty and staff to enter tuition waiver applications for themselves and qualifying dependents.

Employee Degree Information Instructions 
The Employee Degree Information application is used by UVU faculty and staff to update college degree obtainment information for accreditation and other reporting needs.

eSAF Instructions (PDF) - eSAF Tip Sheet(PDF):
The Electronic Semester Appointment Form is used to verify a Full-Time Contract Faculty members workload, and to enter payment information on Adjunct, Overload, and Special Pay assignments. The information entered is downloaded into the payroll system to pay Adjunct instructors. The information entered/verified in the eSAF system is also placed into the employees HR file.

Electronic Personnel Action Form (ePAF) Training:

Completing an ePAF (PDF):
PAF's (Personnel Action Forms) are used by departments to request pay actions for employees. This tip sheet will guide you in properly completing the fields on an ePAF.

Originating an ePAF (PDF):
Instruction on originating an ePAF using the ePAF web application. It also covers the approval process.

Approving an ePAF (PDF):
Instruction on approving an ePAF that has been submitted for your approval using the ePAF web application.

ePAF Approval/Routing Flow (PDF):
Flow charts used to determine where an ePAF is in process. These charts should be used in conjunction with the ePAF application screen "Status of Electronic PAF in Progress".

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