Student Job Types
The goal of Student-HR at UVU is to provide quality, professional and meaningful work experience for students while supporting their overall success at Utah Valley University.

Student Employees

"Student-HR is dedicated to serving students with a variety of meaningful work opportunities at UVU" 

UVU Hourly Student Jobs:

All student on-campus jobs are posted at

You must be an enrolled UVU student in order to qualify for a student on-campus job at UVU. One semester break is allowed after attending two consecutive semesters. For example, if you attended both Fall and Spring semesters you could take a Summer semester enrollment break and still qualify for a student position. Hourly students with on-campus jobs may work, on average, up to 28 hours per week. (Enrolled International students may work a maximum of 20 hours.)

UVU Federal Work Study:

Federal Work Study(FWS) is a work program available for qualified students as part of their financial aid package. Wages are earned through employment at an hourly rate, based on the job duties. Students awarded work study through Financial Aid must have a Referral Form (issued by Financial Aid) before applying and interviewing for works study jobs. Contact the Financial Aid Office for eligibility and referral form questions. (

Financial Aid Work Study jobs are located at

International Student Employment Program (ISEP):

ISEP is an on-campus work program that provides international students funding to be earned through employment at an hourly rate (similar to Federal Work Study). The application is issued through the International Office and is available for qualified students. Once a student is awarded ISEP, a referral form will be issued along with access to the UVU Work Study job postings to apply for jobs. (Students who do not have ISEP Referral Form are not eligible to apply of interview for ISEP/Financial Aid Work Study jobs.

Hourly Student Jobs:

Federal Work Study:

International Student Employment Program (ISEP):