New ❷ UVU-New Employee Welcome!
New ❷ UVU is designed to introduce new employees to Utah Valley University and assist new employees with the transition to working in the university environment.
President Holland

"Welcome to UVU, an extraordinary institution of learning!"

Welcome from President Matthew S. Holland

Dear Colleague:

It is my great pleasure to welcome you as a new member of the UVU community.

Here at UVU, student success stands at the heart of our mission. Every employee plays a vital role in helping the University reach its vision of being a premier learning community, not only in Utah, but also in the nation. I am confident that your personal contributions will help our UVU team reach its vision.

It is also my hope that your experiences here will enrich your own career while helping you achieve your personal vision and goals. There are many people, resources and services available to assist and support you as you settle in and make your unique contribution to the University. Do not hesitate to call on your supervisor and colleagues for information and advice. Explore the many UVU web pages that provide updates and employee services to make your work easier, more enjoyable, and more productive.

Utah Valley University has been transforming lives for more than 70 years. The strength and vitality that UVU enjoys today is primarily a reflection of the many important contributions made by our employees. Thank you for your decision to come and add your talents, dedication and professionalism to the University.

Once again, welcome to UVU, an extraordinary institution of learning!


Matthew S. Holland