• Two smiling UVU graduates in cap and gown. "Your dreams are within reach. Let's reach them together."
  • A smiling black female UVU graduate in cap and gown, holding up her mortar board which reads, "Anyone from Anywhere can do Anything - UVU." Also pictured is the I Am First Mission statement: "Our mission: I Am First is committed to assisting first-generation students on their journey to achieve academic success and to create a legacy of hope for future generations."
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If neither of your parents hold a bachelor’s degree, then you are a first-generation college student and automatically a part of I Am First!

First-generation students (FGS) are pioneers in their families, often deciding to go to college at great personal and familial sacrifice. FGS come from every ethnic, racial, and religious background, and contribute to an increasingly diverse and inclusive UVU campus. The number of FGS attending UVU increases every year, and UVU is proud to welcome these students who wish to follow their dreams and receive a quality university education.


Completing a college degree program can be difficult, and even more so if you are trying to do it alone. I Am First connects you with a community of like-minded friends, mentors, and crucial campus resources to help you graduate.

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All first-generation students at UVU are automatically a part of I Am First. Stay updated on events and resources by following our social media (links below).

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Melissa Rubio, Senior
Major: Communication, Emph: Public Relations
Quote: "Use every encounter as an opportunity to learn something new and grow."

Melissa was born in Guatemala, raised in Miami, FL and is half Cuban from her father's side. She is the seventh oldest out of ten children and is the third sibling in the family to be graduating from college with a Bachelor's degree. She started her academic career at Utah Valley University in 2013, in which she focused her areas of interest in networking with others, building strong interpersonal relationships and getting involved with programs like I Am First to support her academic goals. Melissa endeavors to be a PR spokesperson for corporate business or firm where she can put to practice her advanced marketing and social media skills. In addition, she would like to be involved in a nonprofit that primarily raises awareness for human trafficking and domestic violence.

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