Who is a first-generation student?

At UVU, a student is first-generation if neither parent/guardian has completed a U.S. bachelor's degree. These students are still considered first-generation even if a sibling or other family member has already completed a four-year college degree.

First-generation students (FGS) are pioneers in their families, often deciding to go to college at great personal and familial sacrifice. FGS come from every ethnic, racial, and religious background, and contribute to an increasingly diverse and inclusive UVU campus. The number of FGS attending UVU increases every year, and UVU is proud to welcome these students who wish to follow their dreams and receive a quality university education.

You're not alone

Completing a college degree program can be difficult, and even more so if you are trying to do it alone. I Am First connects you with a community of like-minded friends, mentors, and crucial campus resources to help you graduate.

All first-generation students at UVU are automatically a part of I Am First.

Get Involved

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Mentor Program

Connects first-generation students with staff and faculty mentors who offer academic, professional, and personal support.

Learning Lunches

Share a free meal with a staff or faculty member and ask questions about majors and careers, get to know professors, and meet other students.


Apply for book and housing scholarships to receive financial support while at UVU.

FGS Spotlight

Portrait of FGS Spotlight Crystal Sedano

Crystal Sedano


Major: Elementary Education

Crystal was born in beautiful Cache Valley, Utah and raised in New Mexico. She was raised by her single mother and is the second oldest of five children. Her oldest brother (who also attends UVU) inspired Crystal to attend UVU after he gave her tour around campus. Crystal is majoring in Elementary Education and plans to teach in Utah after graduating with her bachelor’s degree. Having joined the I Am First program in 2017, Crystal has learned great leadership skills through her mentors. Her college experience has been incredible thanks to the amazing support UVU has offered. She is excited to start teaching and will incorporate all her skills she has learned in her future classroom.

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