Graduation Celebration

The First-Generation Student Success Center honors our graduating first-generation students each year. At the start of the spring semester, we will email more information to all first-generation students who have registered to graduate. Follow us on Instagram (@iamfirstatUVU) and Facebook (I am First at UVU) for the most updated information!



Portrait of Aleeza Gonzalez

Aleeza Gonzalez

Aleeza is majoring in Major Philosophy and minoring in Ethics & Latin American Studies
Something you love about UVU: The professors! They really make the classes, thus the university. Your success is important to them.
What being first-gen means to you: Being an Example! An example to my family, to my peers, to society.
One tip you have to succeed in college: Focus! Set your goals and priorities. Have a mindset of keeping your eye on the prize, that degree and career. You might miss out on things, but it will be worth it. You can still have fun and need to destress, yet be careful that your focus doesn’t shift.


Portrait of Jonothan Allred

Jonothan Allred

Jonathan Allred, MEd, is an Assistant Professor for the Engineering Design Technology Department at UVU. He teaches various types of engineering design software, principles of mechanical design, architectural rendering, and Statics. He has over 14 years of professional experience as a project manager/designer. Jonathan continues to consult on design projects when he is not in the classroom. He received his Master of Education (MEd) in Instructional Technology and Learning Sciences from USU. He obtained his Bachelor of Science (BS) in Technology Management from UVU. As a mentor, he enjoys helping students recognize the opportunities and resources at UVU and in industry.


Portrait of Kumen Louis

Kumen Louis

Kumen Louis grew up on the Navajo reservation in New Mexico. His upbringing gives him an interesting perspective on diversity and education. In the summers he spent time with his grandmother and was taught some essential living skills. He has used his unique upbringing to navigate the world of education. Kumen’s parents were first-generation students and have relayed their educational mishaps and experiences to their son in order for him to find success. Kumen has been at Utah Valley University for six years and works in Multicultural Student Services as the Native American Specialist/Academic Advisor. He has a Master’s of Education with an emphasis in Curriculum and Instructional Design.


Headshot of Wilson the Wolverine

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