Mission Statement

The First-Generation Student Success Center is a community of students, staff, faculty, and other key stakeholders that seeks to provide first-generation students with evidence-based supports needed to thrive in their university experience.


  • Objective 1: We will operate as a vital hub to the rest of campus by connecting first-generation students with the resources, services, and opportunities necessary for personal and academic.
  • Objective 2: We will direct first-generation students toward leadership and engagement opportunities where they can interact with on-campus and community mentors.
  • Objective 3: Our students will become part of a peer community that fosters academic success, promotes identity development, and facilitates relationships.
  • Objective 4: We will be a leading voice in a national community of practitioners that are focused on collaborative first-generation student programming, research, and advocacy.

Email: iamfirst@uvu.edu

Phone: 801-863-4439

Hours: 8 am - 5 pm

Room: LC 412

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