Staff and Command Development

The Platform for Emergency Services Staff and Command Development draws upon the resources and expertise of the Utah Fire and Rescue Academy and the teaching, training and certification programs currently in place for Fire Officer, Firefighter skills, Emergency Medical Services, Hazardous Materials, Incident Command, Wildland Fire Fighting, Technical Rescue and other specialized programs.

State Firefighter Certification Program

The State Firefighter Certification Program provides third party validation of knowledge, skills and ability within accepted guidelines from the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA). With the mechanism already in place, expansion of this program to other disciplines is easily accomplished, as well as conforming to any national standards developed in the future. The certification program will also maintain a database of training and certification records for IESHS sponsored programs.

Industrial and Private Sector Safety Program

The Industrial and Private Sector Safety Program exists to facilitate training and assist in meeting private sector and industrial needs regarding emergency response/operation. This program has been working to expand its reach into areas of preparation and response to potential terrorist activities for the business and private sector. Potential partnerships and interaction with private sector and industrial entities will be constantly explored and pursued.