Academic Development

The Platform for Academic Development combines the strengths of the current undergraduate programs for Public Emergency Services Management, Fire Science, and Technology Management and allows for collaborative efforts with the Criminal Justice, Computer, Information Systems, and other existing academic programs.

Bachelor of Science in Public Emergency Services Management

The Bachelor of Science in Public Emergency Services Management prepares individuals for management careers in Public Protection. Recently restructured, this degree meets the needs of several disciplines within the public arena and focuses on management principles for public administration, with particular emphasis in emergency service delivery. This degree is also available through on-line delivery and is being marketed nation-wide.

Bachelor of Science in Technology Management, Fire Science Specialty

The Bachelor of Science in Technology Management, Fire Science Specialty is imbedded in the Technology Management Department and focuses on technology management principles. Students are allowed to pick an area of specialty to focus their studies and enhance their management skills attainment.

Associate of Science-Emergency Services

The Associate of Science - Emergency Servies degree provides our students with the knowledge, skills, and abilities to assist them in obtaining a job in Emergency Services, or if already employed, to give them the knowledge, skills, and abilities to advance in their careers.

Associate of Applied Science-Emergency Services

Associate of Applied Science-Emergency Services programs provide skill development and proficiency in four specialty areas: Fire Officer, Emergency Care, Wildland Firefighter, and Aviation Fire Officer. These specialties provide the skills necessary to obtain employment and function within the fire and emergency medical service delivery disciplines