Research and Specialized Program Development

The Platform for Research and Specialized Program Development is responsibile for research and development and marketing of specialized programs such as seminars, symposia, scholarly conferences, and other specialized forums for dissemination of information. This platform works closely with other platforms in order to effectively create forums of great impact and importance.  

The focus of this platform consists of four areas of emphasis: 

  • Awareness 
  • Prevention 
  • Preparation 
  • Mitigation 

Research Program

Faculty and other specialists engage in research to develop the most up-to-date information/strategies that is disseminated across all disciplines. IESHS is open to direct invitations and expressions of interest from federal, state, local emergency responders, and security agencies.  

IESHS partners with to deliver training and lead research efforts reflecting the national effort for prevention, preparation, response, mitigation, and recovery from disasters or threats to security.

Outreach Program

The Outreach Program is responsible for marketing and needs assessment for the institute. By attending local, regional, and national conferences, outreach personnel network with others, facilitating the exchange of programs and ideas. 

The outreach program creates and maintains a database of all students, sponsors, and presenters participating in IESHS sponsored events. 

Most importantly, a professional information management system is developed to facilitate the flow of information and the latest research to all interested parties. This information is delivered through Internet portals, electronic and print magazines, and possible a professional journal. 

By concentrating on awareness, prevention and preparedness issues, Outreach gathers and discovers timely information, leading to the development of strategic models. Using this data and developed models, the Seminar and Symposia Program plan for and produce seminars, symposia, conventions, workshops, roundtables, or any other forums for exchange of vital information regarding response, mitigation, situational awareness, detection, and evidence collection with respect to acts of terrorism and/or natural or man-made disasters. 

This works closely with vendors, donors, and other stakeholders/shareholders to ensure the largest and most effective penetration of the market.