The Academic Committee for Equity, Inclusion and Diversity works in conjunction with UVU Inclusion Committees within Colleges & School. 

At UVU, our institutional values are centered on include, engage, and achieve. Together, they inform our vision, which posits: UVU is deeply committed to fostering educational environments that nurture intellectual curiosity around global citizenship and intercultural responsibilities. As an open enrollment institution, we recognize and acknowledge the potential of each individual by actively constructing and supporting campus- wide learning conditions characterized by respect, diversity, equity, and inclusion. We endeavor to cultivate healthier campus climates by intentionally shaping communities of care, advancing diverse systems of knowledge, and engaging innovative educational practices to promote critical worldviews towards transformative change. 

In partnership with UVU’s Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer and the Inclusion & Diversity Committee, the Inclusion Committee within each college and school is charged with championing diversity, equity, and inclusion as fundamental and integral qualities of academic excellence. To accomplish this charge, your committee is asked to assume (but are not necessarily limited to) the following imperatives:

  1. Promote opportunities and provide support for each member of your academic unit to increase their capacity and knowledge of diversity, equity, and inclusion (including curricular representation, pedagogical approaches, and classroom contexts);
  2. Monitor and assess the college climate (in all its dimensions) to identify challenges and opportunities for continual growth, both within and outside of the classroom context;
  3. Empower actions to nurture and advocate for healthier campus climates by advancing the representation and success of each and every student, faculty, and staff;
  4. Employ this committee infrastructure to collaborate and articulate progress on diversity, equity, and inclusion through verbal and written modes of communication consistently;
  5. Lead initiatives, policy efforts, and programming to foster inclusive excellence, activate necessary change(s), and realize the educational benefits of a diverse learning environment;     
  6. Ensure college and school representation on UVU’s Inclusion and Diversity Committee.

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