UVU is deeply committed to fostering educational environments that nurture intellectual curiosity around global citizenship and intercultural responsibilities. As an open enrollment institution, we recognize and acknowledge the potential of everyone by actively constructing campus-wide learning conditions characterized by respect, diversity, inclusion, and equity. We seek to cultivate healthier campus climates by intentionally shaping communities of care, advancing diverse systems of knowledge, and engaging innovative educational practices to promote critical world views towards transformative excellence.

Purpose of Committee

As an institutional committee at UVU, the LGBTQ+ Action Committee works to address LGBTQ+ related issues while advising administration on emerging matters and concerns. In doing so, we work diligently to ensure that

  1. UVU fosters a community of inclusion, diversity, and equity that welcomes all who identify as LBGTQ+, including allies and advocates.
  1. LGBTQ+ students, staff, and faculty are fully integrated into the university community in a holistic and equitable manner.
  1. Education about LGBTQ+ identity is integrated into relevant programs, trainings, and initiatives to enhance our awareness, understanding, and practices.
  1. Administrators are informed about challenges and opportunities related to LGBTQ+ matters

Committee Membership

The Co-Chairs for the LGBTQ+ Action Committee shall be comprised of the following individuals (or representation from these groups):

  • Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer (CIDO) or Designee
  • Representative of UVU LGBT Student Services
  • President of Faculty Senate Or Designee
  • President of the Professional Associate of Campus Employees (PACE) or Designee


Members will consist of faculty, staff, and students. Each college may elect or appoint faculty representatives to serve as a member of the committee. Staff members and students may also join the committee. Though students may not comprise the majority of committee members, at least one student representative will be from Spectrum:QSA at all times. A majority of members will constitute a quorum. We are an advisory committee, so nothing of record shall be recorded.

University Representative

The Chief Inclusion and Diversity Officer, or other designee, will advise the committee on administrative-level issues or concerns.


Members will serve a two-year term, staggered.

Frequency of meetings: The LGBTQ+ committee meets at least once each month during the fall and spring semesters. There will be no meetings during the summer; however, members may convene to discuss committee business during the summer months.

Roles and Responsibilities

The overarching goal of this committee is to address LGBTQ+ related issues and advise administrators on emerging matters and concerns. Among our activities and responsibilities, we seek to:

  • Advise the university on best practices of community building for the LGBTQ+ population
  • Serve as an additional support network for LGBTQ+ faculty, staff, students, and allies
  • Ensure LGBTQ+ populations are represented and included in university policies and initiatives
  • Identify and work to remove barriers focused on educational achievement that are specific to LGBTQ+ populations

For more information about the LGBTQ+ Action Committee, please contact the Chief Inclusion & Diversity Officer (CIDO).