group of students happily interacting on campus

Affinity Groups (AGs) are voluntary, employee-led groups centered around interests, backgrounds, identities, experiences, and common bonds. Through participation in AGs, UVU staff and faculty will help foster a positive campus climate by dynamically contributing to UVU’s mission and values. The shared goal of ERGs is to provide a culture of respect, inclusion, kindness, and purpose. The formation of these groups aligns with UVU's 2020 vision of Include: strengthen outreach to and support for underrepresented students because supporting underrepresented faculty and staff will contribute to their retention and give students more role models and mentors.

AGs are one of many activities in which staff and faculty are encouraged to participate and engage in an effort to cultivate a cohesive community. Employees of UVU are encouraged to engage in various EID activities, such as inclusion committees, EID department initiatives, and more.

Engagement in affinity groups and inclusion committees offers long-term benefits for our community, professional and personal development for the participants, and strengthens the sense of belonging. Affinity groups will also support UVU’s efforts in recruiting and retention of minority groups and their allies and advocate for policies and programs to meet the needs of members of underrepresented groups.

Guiding Principles

  • The main goal of AGs is to promote equity, understanding, and inclusiveness.
  • AGs create a welcoming friendly place for staff and faculty who share mutual interests and experiences to meet and support one another’s personal and professional perspectives.
  • All AGs are open to all employees.
  • Employee participation in AGs is completely voluntary.
  • AGs must follow UVU’s policies and regulations.