Resources for Faculty

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Foundations of Inclusion

The UVU Foundations of Inclusion is a workshop series designed to introduce faculty, staff, and administrators to topics related to diversity and inclusion. There are three sets of workshops organized into Positionality, Intersectionality, and Relationality modules. The workshops follow an Awareness-Understanding-Skill Development model.

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Office of Teaching and Learning

Advancing the scholarship and practice of effective teaching and learning. As partners, we advocate and support: 1. Faculty and student success, access, and equity, wherever our teachers and learners are 2. Evidence-based professional development opportunities for faculty 3. Integration of instructional technologies and innovative course design to enhance student learning, engagement, and completion 4. An exceptional student experience through comprehensive delivery of online programs

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UVU Excelerate

More than the classroom, more than the college credit, and more than just your average summer program. This is your chance to choose your own adventure and explore the possibilities. UVU Excelerate isn’t just another classroom; it’s an experience. This is an innovative, project-based summer bridge program for incoming freshman and sophomore UVU students. In collaboration with faculty and industry partners, these projects are exciting, fun, and inspiring!

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Innovation Academy

The Innovation Academy facilitates accessible experiences through academic and high impact programs across the University and larger community.

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Excellence & Innovation Initiative

Helping you to bridge the gap between industry and higher education by creating meaningful opportunities that go beyond the buzzword.

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Affinity Groups

Affinity Groups are one of many activities in which staff and faculty are encouraged to participate and engage in an effort to cultivate a cohesive community. Employees of UVU are encouraged to engage in various EID activities, such as inclusion committees, EID department initiatives, and more.

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