The UVU Foundations of Inclusion is a workshop series designed to introduce faculty, staff, and administrators to topics related to diversity and inclusion. The workshops follow an Awareness-Understanding-Skill Development model.


Mental Health

The Mental Health workshop focuses on the mental health needs of the region and UVU students. It examines the resources currently available and helps attendees to navigate mental health issues their students may encounter.

Class & Socioeconomic Status

The Socioeconomic status (SES) workshop focuses on the variety of challenges that are present for those of various SES circumstances. It details the needs of students in poverty and from low-income homes and the specific challenges they face in university settings.

Interreligious, Interfaith & Worldview

The Interreligious session focuses on the religious diversity of the state and the institution. It examines the challenges that religious students and non-religious students have on UVU’s campus. It also details the experience of non-LDS students and their general feelings on the predominant LDS campus.

Race & Ethnicity

The Race/Ethnicity workshop focuses on student issues related to race/ethnicity, from underrepresentation to the need for mentors of color. In addition, it also examines microaggressions and other challenges racial/ethnic minorities face in the classroom and how to be supportive of students of color.

Gender Relations

The Gender session of Foundations of Inclusion focuses on various gender dynamics internationally, nationally, and locally. It provides details on gender discrimination and highlights the needs of various genders, especially for female students.

Global Competence

The Global and international workshop focuses on the needs of our international students. It examines the regional and national breakdown of international students, the challenges they face with adjusting to western and Utah culture, and issues related to the classroom.

Accessibility, ADA, & Autism

The Accessibility workshop focuses on the needs of the disabled students and students who need classroom accommodations. It details the challenges these students face on campus and in day-to-day life and how employees can effectively advocate for these students.

Green Zone

Modeled on the “Safe Zone” program, Green Zone is designed for faculty and staff to receive training about issues potentially facing active service members, student veterans and their families, as well as develop tools to better serve these students.  Green Zone Allies are not expected to be experts or mental health professionals.


After completing 12 hours of FOI workshops, attendees will be eligible for recognition at our Annual Champions of Inclusion Luncheon at the end of March.

How Do You Register?

  1. Go to https://uvu.bridgeapp.com/learner/category/55
  2. Select the workshop by clicking on the “Enroll” button.
  3. Sign up for a session by clicking on the “Register” button.
  4. That’s it! You will get an email confirmation.