2017 Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Commemoration



Tuesday, January 17

Time Event Location

11:00 am

Service Project

Grande Ballroom

3:00 PM

Diversity Dialogue

Center Stage

Wednesday, January 18

Time Event Location


Keynote Speech | Tell me your dream - Stedman Graham

Grande Ballroom

2 pm

Stedman’s Identity Leadership workshop

(SC 206 a & b)

4 pm

Four Workshops:

• Real Talk: Activism & Black Lives Matter: SC 206A
• Navigating Conflicting Identities: Race, Gender, Religion, and Sexual Orientation: SC 206B (Kyle & Thomas)
• Empower Your Identity: Empower Your Dream: SC 206C (Richy & Maddie)
• From Obama to Trump: Our New America: SC 206G&H (Tirsit, Dianne, and Todd)
Various rooms