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Inclusive Excellence Resources

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Global Intercultural

The Global/Intercultural requirement underscores UVU's commitment to valuing global/intercultural opinions, backgrounds, traditions, perspectives, and experiences. The Global/Intercultural requirement contributes to student success by fostering an awareness of a variety of cultural perspectives and experiences, which is a vital element of higher education.

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Multicultural Student Services strives to teach and provide intentional programs and services that embrace and validate multicultural education, promote opportunities for intercultural learning, exchange, and appreciation and cultivates an atmosphere of inclusion, diversity, equity, and social change.

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I Am First

The First-Generation Student Success Center is a community of students, staff, faculty, and other key stakeholders that seeks to provide first-generation students with evidence-based supports needed to thrive in their university experience. Here we imagine a world where every first-generation student is empowered to pursue and complete a postsecondary degree, enabling them to achieve their dreams and inspire future generations.

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Women Success Center

Our programs are designed to help students stay on course and graduate. These programs are designed specifically for women, but are available to every student on campus -- we welcome everyone who comes through our doors

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Veteran Success Center

The Veteran Success Center mission is to “facilitate the successful navigation of student veterans, service members, and their dependents from registration to graduation. We work closely with our students to assist them with their VA education benefits.

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The mission of International Student Services is to promote international student success, retention, graduation, and life long learning.

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Wee Care Center

The Wee Care Center provides a safe haven for the children of UVU student-parents. While these parents are pursuing a better life through education, they know their children are being cared for in a warm, inviting, and nurturing environment.

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New Parents

Being a new parent while you're a student can be difficult Balancing both educational and parental responsibilities is easier with help from UVU. There are many departments and services across campus where you can find the help you need to succeed academically while taking care of your family.

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Other Resources

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Student Involvement

UVU has numerous ways you can get involved with a wide variety of leadership opportunities. Meet people and build connections with those who have similar interests, feel more connected to the university, and gain skills necessary for success during and after your time at UVU.

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UVU Housing and Residence Life connects students to housing resources, housing laws, search info, residential learning, and student housing event life.

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Clubs connects students to Utah Valley University in a unique way. Participation in a club reflects each student’s individual interest, hobby, professional aspirations, and/or academic desires while allowing the students to be involved on the level that they are most comfortable.

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UVU’s Scholarship Database

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Student Health Services

Student Health Services has a staff united in the goal of serving students in a caring and competent manner. We have low cost and available services for UVU students in the areas of medical and psychiatric care, mental health services, learning disability assessment services, and crisis services. We offer life and health enhancing services that increase safety, productivity, and life experience of the individual and the campus.

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Mental Health Services

At Mental Health Services, we provide assessment and treatment for a variety of mental health concerns such as anxiety, depression, eating disorders, trauma, grief, substance abuse, and relationship issues. We offer therapy in a number of formats including: individual therapy, group therapy, and couple’s therapy.

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English Language Learning

The mission of the intensive English language program at UVU is to help non-native English-speaking students understand and successfully use academic English at an American university. To accomplish this goal, our faculty and coursework provide a broad range of excellent academic and social opportunities. These opportunities help students develop and show proficiency in the skills of reading, writing, grammar and listening/speaking.

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Academic Tutoring

Academic Tutoring embraces the power of students helping students and supports all individuals—regardless of identity, culture, point of view, or background—as they navigate the challenges associated with their educational goals. With a focus on gateway major courses, certified student employees work alongside each student to foster serious academic exploration and inspire lifelong learning.

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Center for Social Impact

At the Center for Social Impact we provide curricular, co-curricular, and extra-curricular student experiences in six diverse pathways of social impact. Whether you're a student, faculty, staff, or community member, you can participate in various programs and events, volunteer or recruit volunteers, and enhance your academic experience through our coursework, research, and scholar distinction.

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LEAD program

The LEAD program trains UVU students to become leaders within their communities by approaching leadership development as more than simply management. LEAD is a certificate program that focuses on four key areas of personal development: LEARN, ENGAGE, ACQUIRE, DISCOVER. Students can choose to do a one- or two-year distinction track based on their needs and goals. In addition, students can participate in a co-hort with a specific area of focus. Current co-hort offerings include Aviation, I Am First (first generation students), Tech Management, Trailblazer (non-traditional students), and LEAD (on campus student leader).

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