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Library 213
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Promoting Innovation in Teaching & Learning


Innovation in Instruction and Technology leverages innovative educational approaches and new technologies to promote effective and efficient teaching and learning across the curriculum. We are part of the UVU Distance Education department.

Role and Aims

  • Improve teaching and learning across the curriculum through innovative application of instructional technology and educational theory.
  • Provide a staffed faculty lab for learning and teaching design.
  • Encourage conservation of campus resources by promoting alternative teaching approaches that leverage technology, e.g. by supporting hybrid course development.
  • Instill faculty confidence and remove barriers to innovative uses of technology by providing personal, relevant consultation, training, and support,
  • Help meet regional education needs by encouraging sharing of UVU scholarly and creative work and consulting with statewide institutions and organizations.



  • An open lab for faculty with state-of-the-art technology
  • Small group faculty workshops & webinars
  • Online training materials
  • Hybrid course development support
  • One-on-one technology training and instructional design consultations
  • Curriculum design advisement and consultations (by appointment)
  • New technology research and development
  • Pilot implementations of educational technology
  • Production of technology enhanced teaching-related documents (both digital and physical), e.g. tutorials, handouts, manuals, etc.


Innovation Center Faculty Lab

The Innovation Center is located in Library 213. For a detailed list of software and equipment available, click here

  • Skilled technology staff to help you
  • Faculty computer workstations with general office and productivity applications
  • DVD <--> VHS recording and digitization equipment
  • High-end scanning equipment (slide and film , large document fed, high-res image)
  • PDF conversion
  • CD/DVD authoring
  • Graphic design applications
  • Web development applications and resources