What We Do

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What We Do

The Excellence and Innovation Initiative will focus on project-based learning that supports student interests and passions through multidisciplinary mentoring and subject-matter expertise on both private and public sector needs that require attention. Project development and implementation will provide students with greater problem-solving capacity, an increased ability to work within multidisciplinary teams, and much-needed industry expertise that will enhance the likelihood of job placement after graduation.

Our Model


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Our goal is for students to become engaged in a different model of interdisciplinary learning. This means that UVU students will grow in knowledge of academia, but also become knowledgeable in industry applicable processes and techniques.

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Classrooms become an incubator for ideas and student engagement, where students will apply knowledge gained in real-world contexts.

Student writing on Whiteboard


Given the proper academic experiences, opportunities, and partnerships, students will be prepared to jump into the workforce with first-hand experience working in cross disciplinary teams. They will to develop the abilities to work collaboratively, feed curiosity, and foster teamwork. This will prepare them for high achievement in school and future employment.



Our Team

Jefferson Moss
 Jefferson Moss - Director    
E. Jefferson.Moss@uvu.edu
Brayden Cutler- Coordinator              Brayden Cutler- Coordinator
E: bcutler@uvu.edu
Cynthia Wong
Dr. Cynthia Wong - Assistant Professor/ Faculty Catalyst
E: Cynthia.Wong@uvu.edu