The Office of Engaged Learning has launched a new program for UVU students who are members of a state or federally recognized Native American tribe called, High Impact Practices for Under-served Students, or HIPS-4-US!


What is HIPS-4-US? 

HIPS-4-US is a program is designed to help participants engage in high impact practices at UVU through tuition remission (tuition waivers) and cohort specific HIPS guidance from the HIPS-4-US program coordinator.

How do I participate?



Program participants agreed to participate in HIPS as outlined in the chart to the right, and also agree to regularly meet with the HIPS-4-US program coordinator to help guide their participation in the program. This guidance is meant to be supplemental to the students’ academic advising, not in replacement of that information and relationship. Students can pick one option from the left column, OR two (or more) options from the right column.

UVU Student HIPs Engaged Learning Options via the HIPS-4-US Program:

Students Pick ONE:

OR At Least TWO of the Following:

Global/Intercultural Distinction

Alternative Break

Social Impact Scholar Distinction

Domestic Multicultural Experience

HIPS-4-US Student Advisory Board

Research Project


Capitol Reef Field Station Experience


Local Internship


First Year Center Participation


Remote Work Study Project

How much will program participants receive in tuition remission/waivers?


Full-Time Students: Up to $2,000 per semester

Part-Time Students:  Up to $1,000 per semester


Students must be enrolled in high impact practice programs or high impact practice qualifying classes for each semester that they are receiving a tuition waiver. Students are eligible for six semesters of tuition remission/waivers.


  1. Participant must be a UVU student.
  2. Participant must be a member of a state or federally recognized Native American tribe.
  3. Participants must commit to participating in High Impact Practices, as indicated in the table above. Either: one HIP from the left column, OR two HIPs from the right column.
  4. Participant must agree to work towards the completion of at least one High Impact Practice for each semester that they are receiving a tuition waiver.
  5. Participants must meet with program coordinator regularly.


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