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Innovation Center - Workshops


Faculty Workshops Overview

In addition to walk-in support and one-on-one consultations, the Office of Teaching and Learning lab offers small-group workshops regularly throughout each semester. These workshops empower you, the teacher, to explore and integrate new approaches to education. Note that these workshops are offered in addition to other faculty development opportunities such as learning circles offered by the Faculty Development unit within the Office of Teaching and Learning.

Join us for any of the following workshops; no RSVP is required--just show up!

Need Canvas training for a department? Schedule a time with us and we'll come to you.

Check calendar for times and dates.

Canvas LMS

Canvas provides tools for communicating, collaborating, and managing learning resources and activities online. We're offering workshops and trainings all semester that will teach you to use Canvas to improve teaching and learning.

Can't make it to any of the workshops? Don't worry, we're available for individualized learning sessions during our normal hours, or feel free to check out the available Canvas Online Tutorials.

You can get started now by downloading our Canvas Faculty Quick Start, a brief intro to teaching with the Canvas LMS. Access Canvas through UVLink

Canvas Quick-Start Sessions

Need a quick Canvas fix? Want to get up and running fast? We have skilled staff available for you. Come in during our normal office hours and we can help you:
When: Any time during office hours
Where: LI 213

Canvas Basics

Get started with Canvas in a 1-hr hands-on session. Covers layout and overview, new features, accounts and profiles, notifications, messaging, and more.
Where: Library LI 213

Canvas - Common Problems

This session will take you through some of the common problems that are encountered when using Canvas.
Where: Library LI 213

Canvas Backup

This workshop will show how you can save your files. Protect against disaster - back up your course!

Where: Library LI 213

Hybrid Course Design

See our Hybrid Teaching Initiative for info on upcoming hybrid course design events. You can also make an appointment with one of our Instructional Technologists to discuss how to modify your objects and activities to fit within the parameters of a Hybrid Course.

Web 2.0 Tools

Google Tools

Google Docs is a powerful collaborative office suite that supports group work and  peer review, and facilitates sharing of documents, spreadsheets, and presentations. This workshop is an introduction to the Google Suite of tools.

Where: Library LI 213

Open Education Resources (OER)

Open educational resources are digital learning materials that are openly licensed specifically for reuse, remix, and redistribution. Learn about Creative Commons licenses, OpenCourseWare, and how to find and use existing OER in your own course.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides:OER Presentation

Special Topics & Guest Speakers

The Innovation Center hosts special topics, webinars, and guest speakers on various education and technology related topics.


Badges in education is a growing trend thanks to technology which makes it easier to develop, award, and share these digital credentials.  Being tied to competency based learning, badges are given to a student to acknowledge they have learned a particular skill, trade, or achievement.  In this workshop we will discuss the basics of badges, how to develop them, and share strategies of implementing them into your course.

Where: LI 213

Problem-Based Learning (PBL)

Do students ask you “when am I going to use this?” PBL offers a possible way to cover the material while “learning by doing.” This workshop will explain what PBL, its advantages and disadvantages, and whether it might be right for you.

Where: LI 213
Slides:PBL Presentation 

E-books and Self-Publishing

Use of e-readers by the general public has been accelerating rapidly. However, educators are just beginning to explore how they might fit into the classroom. This workshop will explain the world of e-books including textbooks for the iPad.

Where: LI 213
Slides:E-Books Presentation 

Flipped Instruction

Get ready to turn teaching on its head! Flipped learning can help you spend more time helping students and less time lecturing in the classroom. Sound impossible? Learn how by attending this workshop.

Where: LI 213

Mobile Learning

Need to access Canvas on the go? There’s an app for that.  During this workshop we will go over the tools available for both Canvas and SpeedGrader apps as well as other useful apps to enhance your teaching experience.

Where: Library LI 213

Online Privacy

Recent controversies surrounding online privacy haven resulted in increased scrutiny from government agencies, watchdog groups and private citizens. This workshop will discuss online privacy and what it means for the classroom.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Privacy Presentation

Game-based Learning

Video games are a $65 billion dollar industry. Still, games in the classroom have had a mixed history in the classroom. This workshop will look at the recent calls for the “gamification” of the classroom.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Game-Based Learning Presentation

Meet the MOOCs

Massively Open Online Courses (MOOCs) has become one of the big buzzwords in education. Come find out what a MOOC really is and what it means for higher education.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Meet the MOOCs Presentation


Need to meet, but don’t have the class space? Want to bring experts in from a distance? Meet BigBlueButton, the replacement for Wimba. This workshop will show you BigBlueButton and how it might fit in the classroom.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Not Available


Sometimes great content is trapped on a DVD, VHS or audio cassette. Or, maybe you want to try making your own video. This workshop will give you some options for multimedia creation.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Not available

Adaptive Learning

Find out ways to customize learning and assessments in Canvas and elsewhere. The workshop will also discuss best practices in adapting learning

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Adaptive Learning Presentation

"Brain-based" Learning

Some education product vendors will claim that their product is "brain based". This workshop will explore these claims and what we really know about the brain.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Brain-Based Learning Presentation


TurnItIn is a tool to help assess the originality of documents and much more. Find out what TurnItIn can do for your class.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Not available

Mitigating Cheating

It is commonly understood that cheating occurs frequently in higher education. This workshop will explore some of the reasons students cheat and what you can do about it. Emphasis will be placed on measures that can be taken in Canvas to mitigate cheating.

Where: Library LI 213
Slides: Mitigating Cheating Presentation