What We Do

The Department of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Accreditation Support (IEPA) provides tools for planning and methods for documenting intended outcomes of programs and services. IEPA maintains a warehouse of current and completed department plans, program reviews, and accreditation-related documents. We provide workshops and consultation to faculty and staff to increase knowledge and awareness of planning and assessment practices and coach academic department chairs and operational directors on the development and refinement of outcome assessment plans.

Furthermore, as a part of the division of Planning, Budget & Human Resources, IEPA leads, coordinates, and supports selected initiatives and projects related to examining, improving, and reporting on effectiveness campus-wide in key areas of Utah Valley University's mission and strategic priorities.

Who We Are

Linda Makin is Vice President of Planning, Budget & Human Resources.

Jeff Johnson is the Director of Institutional Effectiveness Planning, and Accreditation Support. He reports to the Vice President of Planning, Budget, & Human Resources and is responsible for coordinating institutional effectiveness measures across campus.