Our Commitment to Anti-Racism

Black Lives Matter.

Institutional Effectiveness, Planning, and Accreditation Support (IEPA) finds it repugnant that such a proposition must be asserted, let alone that it is subject to debate. The retorts to this painfully simply truth are the contemporary expression of centuries of American injustice that have refused to recognize the humanity of Black lives, and similarly the lives of so many other groups long denied full membership in American society. IEPA thus commits itself to actively opposing racism at Utah Valley University and in higher education nationally.

IEPA must recognize that, even as it demands that this injustice be redressed, many of its roles have historically served the perpetuation of racism in America. As long as IEPA practices the silent complicity of institutional effectiveness as usual, it transmits America’s history of racism to yet another generation, IEPA’s good will doing nothing to diminish its responsibility. But IEPA also recognizes that it can reject the racism that stains American history because it can draw on the finest directions in America history. Education is central to the American dream of a robust society that makes individual success possible. IEPA can help make this dream available to the many in the present who are denied it because of the past.

Today IEPA dedicates itself to acting for human freedom and against racism by building a university that reflects the best in America.

  • IEPA commits to realizing accessible and equitable educational opportunities for everyone who wants to receive a rewarding postsecondary education by supporting UVU’s integrated dual mission, a true model of education as a public good.
  • IEPA commits to eliminating barriers to academic excellence and success for the many students who have been excluded from American higher education by supporting the Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities’ efforts to make closing equity gaps inherent in the mission of every legitimate university.
  • IEPA commits to developing an anti-racist framework for evaluating institutional effectiveness and student success, ensuring educational quality by evaluating genuine effectiveness and real learning that does not assume the centrality of the White, middle class, “traditional” student.
  • IEPA commits to seeking justice in the data that supports effectiveness, planning, and accreditation by critically examining the data we use to ensure that it supports social justice and represents those outside of social norms.