Institutional Effectiveness, Planning & Accreditation Support

Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Accreditation Support is the process of articulating a mission, setting objectives, and using data to form assessments in an ongoing cycle of goal setting and planning in order to measure both institutional and academic quality. Institutional quality is determined by appropriateness of mission and objectives, effective use of resources to achieve objectives, and the degree to which objectives are achieved. Academic quality is determined through student learning assessment and outcomes, retention, placement, graduate satisfaction, and employer satisfaction.

At Utah Valley University, the Department of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Accreditation Support helps to identify key objectives for the institution and determines indicators to measure progress made in achieving those objectives. We also assist departments in developing objectives and goals that align to their departmental mission and to the institutional mission. Furthermore, we assist in determining methods of assessment that shape improvement, innovation and sustainability initiatives as well as review planning, assessment and progress reports on a yearly cycle.

Over the past several years the University has made significant progress in utilizing planning and assessment efforts in program review, improvement, and development. Working with Academic Affairs provides greater energy and focus toward academic program assessment and student learning outcomes. Discussions are underway with academic leadership and the Department of Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Accreditation Support to further define and support systematic assessment for program improvement and to better communicate student learning outcomes and assessment results.