Utah Valley University is a teaching institution which provides opportunity, promotes student success, and meets regional educational needs. UVU builds on a foundation of substantive scholarly and creative work to foster engaged learning. The university prepares professionally competent people of integrity who, as lifelong learners and leaders, serve as stewards of a globally interdependent community.

Core Theme Objectives

"Collectively, the core themes represent the institution's interpretation of its mission and translation of that interpretation into practice."
-Northwest Commission on Colleges and Universities

Student Success

UVU supports students in achieving their educational, professional and personal goals. 

  • UVU supports students' preparation and achievement of academic success at the University.
  • UVU provides a meaningful and well-rounded university experience.
  • UVU prepares students for success in their subsequent academic, professional and lifelong learning pursuits including serving as leaders, people of integrity and stewards of their communities. 


UVU provides opportunity for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives and meets regional educational needs. 

  • UVU provides accessible and equitable educational opportunities and resources for all students.
  • UVU provides opportunities to improve intercultural competence in an increasingly complex, diverse, and globalized society. 
  • UVU provides an inviting, safe, and supportive environment for people from diverse backgrounds and perspectives. 
  • UVU offers an array of courses, programs, and delivery methods designed to reflect students' goals and the region's educational needs. 


UVU engages its communities in mutually beneficial collaboration and emphasizes engaged learning.

  • UVU faculty and staff engage students using real-world contexts within the curriculum and activities outside the classroom to increase professional competence and confidence.
  • UVU fosters partnerships and outreach opportunities that enhance regional, national and global communities. 
  • UVU serves as a portal of civic engagement and an engine of regional economic and business development. 


UVU fosters a culture of academic rigor and professional excellence. 

  • UVU champions learning through outstanding teaching in an academically rigorous environment. 
  • UVU supports a culture of scholarship and creative work and promotes accomplishment in cultural, academic and co-curricular/extramural endeavors. 
  • UVU attracts, develops, and retains high achieving students and highly qualified faculty, staff, and administrators. 
  • UVU is recognized for high quality, efficient, and effective programs and services. 

Administrative Imperatives

UVU's Administrative Imperatives - Operate Effectively, Manage Growth and Secure Resources - are key practices and principles critical for sustained fulfillment of its mission and core themes.

Operate Effectively

UVU utilizes best practices and transparent processes to continuously improve and responsibly use resources. 

  • UVU fosters a culture of planning, assessment, improvement and accountability. 
  • UVU strategically allocates resources to achieve institutional objectives.
  • UVU utilizes transparent and collaborative decision-making processes.

Manage Growth

UVU anticipates and appropriately responds to the region's higher education needs.

  • UVU anticipates and plans for future regional educational needs.
  • UVU adapts to meet student and community needs consistent with its educational mission.

Secure Resources

UVU seeks and obtains public and private resources to fulfill its mission.

  • UVU communicates its resource requirements and secures appropriate state tax fund support to fulfill its role within the Utah System of Higher Education. 
  • UVU establishes tuition and fees consistent with the economic environment and its mission.
  • UVU strategically pursues and acquires private and public resources beyond state appropriations.