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Strategic Planning FAQ

When are strategic plans due?

  • October 1. An on-time plan means the online cover page (see below) has been submitted and the full planning document has been finalized and is available in the Box strategic planning folder.

How do I access the plans?

  • Planning documents will be available on the IEPA web site by August 28. Your plan is stored in a Box folder called “Strategic Plan [Unit Name]” (e.g., Strategic Plan Academic Affairs). Access to these folders is controlled by unit leaders. If you do not have access to the folder, please ask your unit leader to share the folder with you in Box.

My organization does not have a Box strategic planning folder. How do I create one?

  • Organizational leaders can rename or create new folders within their folder as needed. Please follow the naming convention of “Strategic Plan [Unit Name]” (omitting the brackets). Share the folders with new leaders in Box. Please do not delete folders for units that no longer exist.

What changes will there be to the planning process this year?

  • Units will be asked to address how their strategic plan supports Vision 2030.
  • The cover page is moving to an online Qualtrics form that will be easier to use than the .pdf form.

When will planning documents be available?

  •  This year’s planning documents will be available by August 28 on the IEPA web site.

Will there be training or guideline documents on the strategic planning process?

  • IEPA will announce a training schedule by August 28. IEPA Trainings will be by video or by Microsoft Teams. In-person training will not be available. Planning guidelines for 2020-21 will be available by August 21.
 Is one-on-one help available?
  • IEPA is the university’s internal strategic planning consultancy and provides direct support for units in their planning processes. To comply with COVID-19 protocols, one-on-one consulting with leaders and support for organizational working sessions is available via Teams. If you would like IEPA support please contact IEPA director Jeff Johnson (