Committee Responsibilities

Committee members are expected to:

  • Attend and participate in all meetings or find a substitute if unable to attend.
  • Review all materials from committee projects and give input as requested.
  • Facilitate two-way communication between UPAC and the broader campus community, particularly their own departments/constituents.
  • Maintain awareness of broader UVU and higher education issues in general.

Current Committee Members

Members Faculty/Staff YEAR Dept./Area Phone Ext.
Bradt, Bryant Staff 1 Registrar's Office 6315
Cox, Suzy Faculty 2 Associate professor - Secondary Education 8588
Drage, Alan Staff 1 Human Resources 4656
Fralik, Cory Staff 1 Physical Plant 8131
Ilieva, Vessela Dean 1 School of Education 5183
Keck, Tom Faculty 1 Music 6188
Lafkas, Sara Faculty 2 Behavioral Science 5979
Moulton, Ben Faculty 2 UC - Developmental Math 7034
Nguyen, Tammy Faculty 1 Academic Advising, CHSS  5839
Rochidi, Aicha Staff 1  Office of Teaching and Learning  6170
Sanft, Adam Staff 2 Athletics 8061
 Smidt, Mike Faculty 1  Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement  5929
 Smith, Barb Staff 1  University Marketing/Communications  5274
 Snow, Darah Staff 1  Multicultural Student Services  7349
Thee, Samantha Staff 2 Major Gifts/Development Programs 5392
Tobler, David Staff 2 IT Technical Support Services 8948
Witt, Phillip Faculty 2 Strategic Management and Operations 7327
Yu, Ming Faculty 2 Chemistry 6840

Org Designee

Arendt, Anne Faculty Faculty Senate 5418
Connelly, David Executive Academic Programs 6832
Corbett, Danielle Student UVUSA  
Duffin, Annie Student Intern 5818
Folau, Kehaulani Staff Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion  
Fowler, Stacy Staff UPAC Support 6848
Isham, McKay Staff Action Commitment: Engaged 6004
Kearns, Michelle Staff Action Commitment: Achieve 8976
Mortensen, Bonnie Staff PACE 8097


Johnson, Jeff Staff Institutional Effectiveness, Planning and Accreditation 8993
Thackeray, Susan Faculty Technology Management 8906

Executive Staff (ongoing)

Arstein, Mark VP of Institutional Advancement 5189
Flanagan, Kelly VP of Digital Transformation/CIO 4848
Makin, Linda VP of Planning, Budget, and HR 8457
Peterson, Val VP of Finance & Administration 8486
Reyes, Kyle VP of Student Affairs 6158
Tuminez, Astrid President 8133
Vaught, Wayne Provost/ Senior VP of Academic Affairs  8048

Past Committee Members