University-level Planning

UVU practices integrated institutional effectiveness, which enables the institution to:

  • facilitate collaborative planning processes across units that align goals and objectives across various plans and map them to strategic goals and objectives at the institutional level; and
  • promote evidence-based decision making to inform and refine the institution’s effectiveness, assign resources, and improve student learning and achievement.

Integrated institutional effectiveness also contributes to transparency and shared governance in the University community and ensures that activities and resources work synergistically in a manner that maximally benefits UVU.


Under the direction of the President, the University Planning Advisory Committee (UPAC) serves in an advisory capacity to the President and the President’s Cabinet on university-level planning matters.

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Alignment of UVU Planning with Higher Education Initiatives

To ensure alignment with UVU planning efforts and USHE initiatives, UPAC develops strategy maps that visually depict the relationship between UVU’s strategic plan, UVU’s master plans, and the Utah Board of Higher Education Strategic Plan.

2022-2023 Strategy Maps for Planning

Image of UVU campus

Annual Planning

As part of integrated institutional effectiveness, academic units and administrative units engage in planning and assessment activities on an annual basis.

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Strategic Plan

Students having a conversation in front of the Sorenson Center building at UVU

Utah Board of Higher Education Strategic Plan

UVU’s strategic plan and master plans support and align with the strategic plan adopted by the Utah Board of Higher Education.

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Vision 2030 captures strategic initiatives derived from UVU’s mission to meet the educational and workforce needs of our service region. Vision 2030 will help UVU achieve priority initiatives around three objectives: Include, Engage, and Achieve.

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Mission, Core Themes, and Administrative Imperatives

UVU’s current mission statement reflects our commitment to regional educational needs, our focus on opportunity and student success, and our history of engaged teaching and learning. UVU’s core themes express and articulate its mission, while administrative imperatives identify key principles critical for sustained fulfillment of the university’s mission and core themes. The core themes are the foundation for mission fulfillment and the administrative imperatives provide for mission sustainability. Together, the mission, core themes, administrative imperatives, and objectives form the basis for all planning, assessment, and resource allocation at UVU.

UVU Mission Statement

Master Plans

UVU’s master plans are aligned with the priority initiatives of UVU’s strategic plan and provide overall direction for broad areas of the institution.

The Academic Master Plan guides academic planning, resource allocation, and other academic efforts at UVU.

The Completion Plan recommends initiatives to increase the graduation of UVU students.

The Digital Transformation Plan leads UVU’s efforts to provide reliable, state-of-the-art solutions for our teaching, learning, and environments.

The Facilities Master Plan establishes the guiding and organizing principles that apply across all UVU campuses and highlight considerations for future expansion.

The Inclusion Plan engages a campus-wide, comprehensive dialogue about the need for and value of inclusivity, as well as actions to create a more inclusive learning and working environment.

The Sustainability Plan lays out actionable short-term goals for sustainability at UVU and frames sustainability within the existing institutional mission, values, and objectives.