Religious Accommodation Syllabus Statement

Academic Affairs and Faculty Senate presidency have worked together and agreed on the following statement for syllabi:


UVU values and acknowledges a wide range of faiths and religions as part of our student body, and as such provides accommodations for students. Religious belief includes the student's faith or conscience as well as the student's participation in an organized activity conducted under the auspices of the student's religious tradition or religious organization. The accommodations include reasonable student absences from scheduled examinations or academic requirements if they create an undue hardship for sincerely held religious beliefs. For this to occur, the student must provide a written notice to the instructor of the course for which the student seeks said accommodation prior to the event.

The UVU campus has a place for meditation, prayer, reflection, or other forms of individual religious expression as is described at

Documents: Guidelines For the Accommodation of Sincerely Held Religious Beliefs and Practices Student Religious Accommodation Request Form