Faculty-Led Study Abroad


Faculty interested in leading a study abroad program for summer 2019 should submit an Intent to Propose a Study Abroad Program form by April 16, 2018.

Faculty must submit a Comprehensive Program Proposal by September 1, 2018. Prospective faculty program directors are highly encouraged to work with the Office for Global Engagement during the summer to develop their Comprehensive Proposal. Please check back in March for the Comprehensive Proposal form.



Roles & Responsibilities of Faculty Program Directors

Scope of the Roles and Responsibilities 

The Faculty Program Director of a study abroad program is much more than an average faculty member. Classroom teaching and research alone do not prepare a Faculty Program Director for successfully directing a study abroad program. The Faculty Program Director is not only a teacher in this situation but serves as an administrator, leader, interpreter, decision-maker and diplomat. A Faculty Program Director’s day does not end when class is over. A Faculty Program Director must be able to uphold and implement institutional policies from UVU while at the same time taking advantage of the differences present in a foreign setting. But, a faculty member need not be too afraid of this large task as they can rely on the support systems present at UVU, which will share the burden of these responsibilities. Here we outline the primary responsibilities of the Faculty Program Director, not only with regards to student services and academics on-site, but also related to program planning, budgeting, administration, recruiting, and logistics. Shared Responsibilities Faculty Program Director/Department/GEO

Shared responsibilities may include: setting itinerary for the program; making arrangements for housing, meals, classroom facilities, excursions; recruiting students. 

Division of labor for these aspects will vary from program to program and will be mutually agreed upon early in the planning process. Safety and emergency procedures are also shared between the Faculty Program Director, GEO and other UVU offices.

The Planning Stages

The Prospective Faculty Program Director submits an Intent to Propose a Study Abroad Program to the GEO to obtain an endorsement. The Faculty Program Director and his/her academic department are responsible for the academic content of the program. The main developer of the program is the Faculty Program Director, which makes him/her the best recruiter as well. GEO assists in program development and recruitment as necessary.

Prior to departure

The Faculty Program Director will work closely with GEO to lay groundwork for program logistics and budget. The Faculty Program Director will make final selection of participants and conduct at least three pre-departure orientations with students.

GEO responsibilities include establishing program budget, preparation of informational materials, supplying and processing applications, letters of acceptance and other required forms, registration and billing of participants, collection of application fees, deposits, & program fees, admission of non-UVU participants, and overseeing enrollment. GEO will schedule information tables and class visits if requested.

During the Program 

While the program is in session, the Faculty Program Director serves as the facilitator for all communication between UVU’s Office for Global Engagement and the hosting institution or agency abroad (if applicable) and program participants. The Faculty Program Director is expected to carry out the responsibilities of the position set forth below, and to make decisions that are in the best interest of the program and its participants.

The Faculty Program Director must learn to balance a wide variety of responsibilities and roles including those of group leader, intermediary, advisor, administrator and advocate. The Faculty Program Director serves as a liaison for the different elements of the program: GEO, participating students, host families or housing officers, local clinics, institutions, agencies and facilities, and the host culture in general.

The Faculty Program Director holds the position of administrator and financial manager onsite which includes such duties as making/confirming logistical arrangements, making payments, managing funds, and keeping financial records. The Faculty Program Director is expected to behave as a trusted representative of Utah Valley University abroad and employ dignity, decorum, tact and discretion in both public behavior and the private handling of student problems and concerns. At his/her discretion, the Faculty Program Director may delegate tasks, but retains ultimate responsibility for all of the following:

Academic component

- Teach courses

- Coordinate all academic aspects of the program, i

- Assign and/or collect grades at conclusion of program in a timely manner

- Develop an evaluation form specific to the program and oversee completion of that form by students at the conclusion of the program, and share with GEO.


- Provide to GEO prior to departure: finalized program itinerary, participant, director and

program staff contact information, and copies of all information given to students

- Serve as liaison between IMS and on-site institutions, agencies, staff, etc. 

- Maintain contact with students throughout the program, counseling as needed on issues of cultural adjustment, conduct, and other non-academic issues

- Consult with GEO as needed concerning student problems and concerns throughout


- Inform GEO immediately of any emergency or medical situation involving students

- Provide GEO with regular updates on program activities throughout program 

- Communicate regularly with GEO year-round with regard to planning and

preparation for future programs

Student Orientation/Management

- Organize pre-departure orientations and an in-country orientation immediately following arrival of students. The orientation should include all of the following issues:

program administration, communications, relevant university facilities, public transportation, health/safety, program rules/behavioral expectations, group dynamics, the host country educational system, academic expectations, cross-cultural adaptation, cultural differences, and living with host families

- Depending upon the length and nature of the program, schedule and conduct on-site one hour meetings at least every other week to provide further information on the local culture and issues of cultural adaptation

- Establish a leadership role and positive group dynamic, provide assistance to students as needed, serve as the intercultural facilitator for students (liaison between home and host cultures)

Extracurricular Activities

- Organize lodging, meals, transportation, guides and entrance fees for excursions to be conducted in locations of cultural/historical interest (as indicated in program budget)

- Plan, arrange and attend social events and local cultural activities as the program warrants and the budget permits

- Make payments from program budget for program expenses

- Obtain receipts for all expenditures based on GEO accounting guidelines & record

transactions in the reconciliation notebook

- Complete financial reconciliation within two weeks of returning to campus


Faculty-Led Study Abroad Recruitment Strategies

Recruitment Strategies

Classroom visits – Ask colleagues if you can come speak to their classes about the program. Or request IMS to facilitate a classroom visit! Even 5 minutes at the beginning of class can make a huge difference.

Department and College website – Feature your program to increase visibility.

Create a Facebook page– Social media is one of the best ways to connect with students and post updates.

Department Events – Is your department having a large scale event running multiple days/hours? Set up a table and talk to people. This is the best way to reach a large number of students in your target audience.

Department Advisors – Share program details and handouts with your department adviser(s). They have a great deal of contact with your students and can be a great resource!

Information Sessions – Hold multiple information sessions per semester to answer questions that students may have and give them an opportunity to meet who they would be travelling with.

Information Table – Set up a table by the library, dining halls or on the quad to hand out flyers and talk to students. Ask past participants to help staff events. Students love hearing from other students.

Listserv Blasts – Does your department have a listserv? Use it to email your students about study abroad opportunities. Ask to send out a message on other relevant university listservs.

Study Abroad Expo – Every semester, The Study Abroad Expo attracts hundreds of potential study abroad students! Make time to recruit at this event or send a representative on your behalf. Bring photos or a laptop to show a presentation of what the program is all about to get students excited! 

To request a classroom/department presentation, please submit a request form to international@uvu.edu 

University Travel Policies

UVU Travel Policies

The following policies are to be strictly enforced. Reports of violation will be thoroughly investigated and could lead to immediate termination and/or non-renewal of the Faculty Program Director's appointment. If circumstances warrant flexibility, any exceptions to the following policies must be authorized by IMS in advance.

Policy 251, Traveling on University Business

Policy 252, International Travel for Faculty, Students, and Staff



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