IMS Advisory Board


UVU Global Advisory Board: The UVU Global Advisory Board provides guidance on the development and execution of International Outbound Programs (IOP),  Domestic Multicultural Experiences (DME), as well as international exchanges at Utah Valley University.

The role of the Advisory Board is to counsel, especially in the areas of faculty professional development, recruit students for intercultural educational opportunities, advance global engagement, and to enhance international perspectives at UVU.

Each board member represents a specific academic area within the university, which encourages increased visibility and diversity in our international & multicultural programs and engaged experiences – both locally and abroad.

Advisory Board Members: 

Collegeof Technology and Computing

    Anne Arendt - Associate Dean

School of Arts

     E. Linda Moore - Assistant Dean Administration

College of Science

     Jason Slack - Associate Dean

     Cyril Slezak - Chair Institution Review Board

School of Education

     Vessela Llieva - Associate Professor, Teacher Education

Woodbury School for Business

     Mikki O'Connor - Assistant Dean

College of Humanities and Social Sciences

     Janet Colvin - Department Chair Communication, Associate Dean

     Sara Ulloa - Department Chair Languages and Cultures

College of Health and Public Service

      Barbara Burr - Assistant Dean

University College

      Jessica Awtrey - Assistant Dean

GEO Representation:

Dr. Baldomero Lago - Cheif International Officer - Vice Rector for Global Engagement

Brent Spencer - Director - Global Academic Programming

Veronica Caballero - Coordinator Global Administration