Mission Statement

Internship Services is the central location for organizing, promoting and coordinating the internship process. Our mission is to support engaged learning and student success at Utah Valley University by developing exceptional internship opportunities, coordinating the internship process and offering comprehensive information. We provide reliable and extraordinary service to faculty, students and our community partners.

Our Staff


Pictured from left to right.  Back row: Steven Pugmire, Martin Overly, Mckay Isham,Brooke Bakker, Devan Mclain, Front row: Mike Jensen, Christina Ruth, Marsha Haynes, Stacie Brown, Jessica McArthur                                                                                                                          

Staff Bios

Marsha Haynes | Director of Internship Services | 801.863.6004 | LC 410J |haynesma@uvu.edu

marshadec2015Internships, Internships, Internships! That is my passion right now in my position as Director of Internship Services. I have been the director since 2007 and enjoy helping students find professional engagement opportunities that will enhance their careers by giving them actual experience in their major field of study. Before becoming the Director of Internship Services I was involved in career counseling both on the high school and university level. I worked at Bingham High School in the career center and counseling office and later at UVU as a career counselor. I serve on the Board for the Women's Business Network for the Utah Valley Chamber of Commerce, am a member of several national internship organizations as well as the National Association of Colleges and Employers. I have a Bachelor's degree from BYU in General Studies with an emphasis in Business Management and a Master of Education degree from California State University East Bay. I teach on-line and face-to-face Career and Major Exploration courses as an adjunct professor here at UVU. In addition I am a certified professional interview coach and resume writer. It is a pleasure to work with UVU students as well as employers in the community.-Marsha Haynes

Martin Overly | Manager, Internship Services | 801.863.6308 | LC 410H | martin.overly@uvu.edu 


 I am the Manager of Internship Services at Utah Valley University.  In my position I get the opportunity to work with a great team of individuals dedicated to the professional growth of our students.  Our team works hard to foster an environment in which we can confidently say that student success and advancement is the motivation behind everything we do. As a part of this process, I build relationships with various businesses and agencies.  Working with employers not only gives me the chance to increase opportunities and resources for our student body, but it also allows me to be a channel, contributing to the well-being of organizations. I get to work with employers locally, nationally, and even internationally.  Bridging the gap between students and employers is truly a privilege and is something that enriches my life both professionally and personally.

After receiving my Masters of Science degree I almost immediately began an adventure by moving to the eastern United States. I was initially employed with a program through the National Institute of Justice focusing on providing continuing education to forensic scientists.   Following this experience I was a faculty member with the West Virginia University’s Forensic & Investigative Science department. At WVU I taught courses in forensic science and coordinated student internships.  During this experience I found my calling with the various aspects of internship coordination, including helping students with career exploration, professional development, and providing them with useful resources.  Eventually I decided to make a transition and focus more on this aspect of my career.  Fortunately at UVU I been able to dedicate myself full-time to Internship Services, yet I still have a small teaching role as an adjunct in our Forensic Science Department, teaching a fingerprint examination course.  

At UVU there is little debate that our heavy emphasis on engaged learning is the keystone to our livelihood.  The recent growth and development of this institution is truly remarkable.  Spending my younger years in Utah County, I have to honestly say that I viewed UVU as a small Community College best fit for those who were unable to get into more established universities or for those individuals primarily focused on technical and/or trade education. Times have changed. The present state of our university is one of progressive evolution, academic progress, and growth in numbers,   Today UVU is a thriving and reputable university.  Sure, we don't fill a stadium of 70,000 people on Saturdays, but we merge quality classroom experience with experiential and engaged learning and Internship Services is at the core of that mission.  

If I'm not working, I'm sure you can find me on a golf course or just relaxing in a chair, playing blues riffs on my guitar.  I also really enjoy attending concerts and sporting events, I am a complete nerd as it relates to discussing and reliving the enjoyment I have had attending games all over the country.  I am a sucker for college football and basketball games as well as professional golf tournaments.

-Martin Overly

Stacie Brown | Administrative Support | 801.863.6589 |LC 410 F  | stacie.brown@uvu.edu

Stacie Brown

I began working at UVU back when it was UVCC in 1988!  After working in several departments for 10 years, I decided to stay home with my children.  When they were older, I worked as an Instructional Assistant at their elementary school. 

Now I am back at UVU, and it feels like I never left!  I have always felt a close tie to UVU and am very proud of the wonderful institution it has become.  I love coming to work each day on such a beautiful campus with all of the students and employees improving their lives each day.

Internships are a great way to gain experience so you can be prepared to enter the work force when you graduate with your degree.  Internships are a great way to get engaged and enhance your educational experience.  

We help students find their dream internship and we help employers find their dream intern. Come stop by our office and see the possibilities that can be discovered for you.

-Stacie Brown

Jillian Bull | Government/High Impact Internship Coordinator | 801.863.7436 | LC 410 K | jillian.bull@uvu.edu



 - Jillian Bull

McKay Isham | Humanities & Social Science Internship Coordinator | 801.863.5639 | CB 508C | mckay.isham@uvu.edu

mckaydec2015I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Behavioral Science; Family Studies emphasis from Utah Valley University.  I then obtained my Master’s Degree in Public Administration; Student Services emphasis from Southern Utah University. 

My interests and life-long need for learning has brought my career path to higher education.  I got my first opportunity to serve higher education students by working in the Career & Professional Development Center at Southern Utah University.  While there I discovered a passion for engaged learning, and learned the importance of developing professional skills to become employable.  I enjoy helping students reach their professional and life goals.

I believe that those who use their passions and personal strengths to guide their education and career choices will naturally succeed.  Passion and purpose are the fundamental necessities for happiness in professional life. 

-McKay Isham

Brooke Bakker | Science & Health Internship Coordinator | 801.863.5638 | PS 201 E| brooke.bakker@uvu.edu

 brookedec2015I am so lucky to work with Internship Services here at UVU! My goal is to help students find real life experiences that allow them to better understand potential careers -- enabling them to confirm their intended plans or learn more about a particular industry. Internships truly offer students the opportunity to sharpen their professional skills and relate their education to career interests. I am here to help students and employers find a perfect internship match!

I have a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology from Southern Utah University. As a student I was an orientation leader, student mentor, and a member of the women’s volleyball team. After graduation I was hired to work at SUU as the Assistant Coordinator of Orientation. I also worked in the Student Involvement and Leadership office which included the Career Center on campus.

I look forward to building relationships with students, faculty, and potential employers. Please contact me for any inquiries about internships in the College of Science and Health.

-Brooke Bakker 

Steve Pugmire | Technology & Computing Internship Coordinator | 801.863.5641 | CS 636 | steven.pugmire@uvu.edu

stevendec2015I was nearing the completion of my Bachelor’s degree in Communication I was in a spot familiar to most students. Graduation was only semesters away and I was still asking myself: "What do I want to do with my life when I grow up?" That question, along with nudging from my supportive wife reminding me that I was no spring chicken anymore, prompted me to enter uncharted waters and try an internship. When I thought of internships I simply thought of getting experience in a field that I was interested in, and then living happily ever after making lots and lots of money. However, in my case, my two semesters-worth of internship experience unveiled that I did not actually like the career path I was working towards. Had I continued in my classes without experiencing an internship, I would have been stuck in a career that would not have been my "happily ever after." Luckily, I was able to switch my degree path quickly without having too much lost time, and instead graduate in a field that was more fulfilling for me.

This experience, along with my passion for helping others, is why I’m excited to be part of the Internship Team here at UVU. Each day I come to work, I get to help others find opportunities that will assistance them in discovering their interests and passions through hands-on experience. If you are a Technology and Computing student and are interested in doing an internship, please come see me any time so I can help you find opportunities to gain real world experience while building your professional resume. Internship experience, coupled with a college degree, will give you the tools necessary to jump right into your career.

-Steve Pugmire

Jessica McArthur | Business Internship Coordinator | 801.863.6243 | WB 258 | jmcarthur@uvu.edu


Christina Ruth | School of the Arts Internship Coordinator | 801.863.5712 | GT 603  | christina.ruth@uvu.edu


I’m a southerner, born in Texas, raised in Georgia, who is slowly courting Utah. I think we’re in a full-fledged relationship now, or maybe just going steady. I'm always up for a good challenge, and get my thrills by connecting people with solutions. I love the weight of a camera in my hands and creativity on my mind. I graduated from UVU with a BFA in photography, and a minor in art history. Sometimes, at night, when I can’t sleep I pull out my old art textbooks and read.

I love the artist community and enjoy promoting and encouraging local artist. Our School of the Arts is ripe with talent, and I am passionate about connecting students with worthwhile opportunities. In this industry it’s all about who you know, and getting your foot in the door. So let’s work together to get you a great opportunity!

-Christina Ruth

Devan Mclain | Aviation and Public Services Internship Coordinator | 801.863.5702 | HB 201 G | devan.mclain@uvu.edu

 devandec2015College is about a lot of things: meeting new people, personal growth, dating, discovering the world and where you fit into it, burnout, dating, late nights doing homework, finding your passion, fun, new experiences, and… more dating? But at the end of the day it’s all about one thing – your career.

When I was in college I thought internships were a waste of time. I carried with me a lot of misconceptions about internships (including that they were all unpaid), primarily thinking they were a way for employers to cash in on some free labor. I didn’t understand the value of internships – that they give you an introduction to valuable skills and training that employers are looking for while allowing you to form relationships and connect to people that are in the field. The truth of the matter is that once I graduated from college and looked back, I wish I had done an internship. It would have given me a lot of direction and perspective.

One of the most important things you can do to help your career – and yourself – is to do an internship. An internship can help answer some really important questions: Do I enjoy this kind of work? Can I see myself doing this as a career? Is there maybe a different branch in this field of work that I would be better at or enjoy more? Is this line of work even what I thought it would be like? What am I good at? Or even, what do I want to be good at?

Finding answers to these questions are key. The sooner you can get these answers, the better off you’ll be. They can help establish an end destination and sometimes even help plot your course on your journey through college.

Additionally, employers are looking for two things in general: education AND relevant experience/skills – something I didn’t learn until I graduated. Internships can offer both by complementing your education and giving you experience.

I graduated from SUU with a Bachelor’s of Science in Sociology / Minor: Psychology. Being a first generation college student, I didn’t really know what I was doing when I first went to college. Additionally, I didn’t even really know what I was doing when I graduated either! Eventually, I found that I had a passion for helping students and I wanted to be involved in a meaningful career where I could offer assistance to students who maybe felt like they were a little lost with their education or career plans as I did. I am happy and grateful to say that being an Internship Coordinator has given me that opportunity!

If you have any questions or need any help with internships, please feel free to contact me. I’m always happy to help!

-Devan McLain

Mike Jensen | University College Internship Coordinator | 801.863.7090 | LC 406 A | jensenmi@uvu.edu

mikejensendec2015I am an Associate professor in the Student Leadership and Success Studies (SLSS) department in University College (UC) at UVU.  I currently serve as faculty director of the UV Mentor program housed in our department and as the internship coordinator for students enrolled in SLSS and UC internships. It is a pleasure to see students approach internships as an academic endeavor where they develop skills that serve them on and off campus.

I’ve been at UVU since 1993 in both Student Affairs and Academic Affairs. I was originally hired to create the Volunteer/Service Learning Center on campus and have also worked as with Student Government and as Career and Academic Advisor.  UVU is home to me and I cannot envision working anywhere else.

I earned a bachelor’s in Organizational Communication from Utah State University and a master’s in Educational Leadership from Brigham Young University. 

-Mike Jensen


Dale Nelson | Internship Recruiting Assistant | 801.863.5537 | LC 409 | dale.nelson@uvu.edu

 Dale NelsonAs a kid, I dreamed of all the adventures I would go on. I never expected I would end up here at UVU and I have loved it! Being in a small town far from the large cities with no car and nothing to do, I spent most of my time growing up reading encyclopedias and tearing apart old computers that my neighbors were trying to get rid of and building new, different machines from the old ones. Also, with my dad as a history teacher and my grandpa as a biology teacher at my high school, I was looking for something new and stumbled upon a video from Apple on how the iPad was made. Combining my fascination for how things work, learning new things, and building things, I left southern Utah to come here to UVU in the Computer Engineering department which has been exciting being able to do what I did growing up but now learning how to get paid for it.

My high school was small enough and far enough away from things that I didn’t know what internships were. Since working at the Internship Services office at UVU, I’ve learned about awesome internship opportunities at Apple, Google, Facebook, Microsoft, you name it, it is so exciting to see that I can do a hands-on internship with any of these companies which I’m excited to be able to do while I’m here at UVU. I can gain experience by learning how I learn best, hands-on, and take what I’ve learned in a classroom and the internship and do incredible things! I’m excited to do an internship and if you like doing what you’re learning about in books, you should be excited too!

-Dale Nelson

Christianna Duke| Internship Recruiting Assistant | 801.863.7531 | LC 410 M |  christianna.duke@uvu.edu


I am new to the idea of internships. Before I began working in the Internship Department I always was a little intimidated by internships because I’ve always thought all internships were unpaid. That was a deal breaker for me because I didn’t have enough funds coming in to do an unpaid internship and still pay all my bills. But I learned quickly upon my employment in this department, that paid internships are a main focus. Now I want to tell everyone I know to do one and I myself am looking into one as well.

I feel very strongly about hands on training as opposed to in class learning because it’s one thing to read and understand something in your mind, but it’s another thing to actually execute that action. I learned that concept well as a coach for the Girls Basketball team at Corner Canyon High School. You can write a play down over and over and over again and understand all the ins and outs of it but if you cannot execute it on the court in the game, it’s essentially worthless information. I’ve learned that internships are a way to do that! Getting the experience and hands on training in an area of interest before graduation where the real world starts… Sounds pretty great to me! 

-Christianna Duke

Aaron Eddy | Internship Recruiting Assistant | 801.863.7531 | LC 410 M | aeddy@uvu.edu





-Aaron Eddy

Stephen Larsen | Creative Designer | 801.863.6031 | LC 409 | Stephen.larsen@uvu.edu 

 Stephen Larsen

I did my first internship when I was 19 while going to school at Arizona State University. I got to get real world experience as a creative designer for an advertising design firm. Though I left to go on a mission, I gained professional skills that I use in my personal life and for my college career. My internship helped me realize what I wanted to do in my life. That journey has brought me here to UVU to study game design and animation! My internship even helped me get this awesome job on campus!

For Internship Services, I am the creative designer. You can find my work around campus and on our website!

-Stephen Larsen


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