Below you will find instructions for accessing or requesting our data and reports.  Data is broken up into public data requests and internal data requests.  If you need any data report created, please review the information below and then if needed, click the Trello card below and place your request under "Staff Requests" with a description and/or checklist, with an appropriate due date.  


public data and requests

Information on our Data and Reports page should give you all public information you will likely need for your particular college, not classified as sensitive information (see below).  From the Data and Reports page, click on any Tableau visualization and click the download icon on the bottom right of the visualization.  This will provide you with the information you needed, either in a nice pdf report or as an image.  The image is a nice feature for presentations.  You can also share any visualization with anyone by email.  While it is encouraged that you utilize this feature in reporting or assessment, if you need something created specifically, place a request on my Trello Board and any combination of the following can be created:

  • Tableau visualizations in spreadsheet form
  • An infographic, as seen below

Infographic Example

internal data

Data Tracking Master

Purpose: Enter monthly data numbers, review progress.  Used primarily to track student and employer interactions. 
Outcome: JLD Grant, Report on events, promos, and presentations (public), Assess staff performance in appropriate areas.

Link to Spreadsheet:

Staff Report Requests

Purpose: to provide information to departmental internship coordinators, faculty, advisors, and staff

Outcome: to properly assess student performance and employer feedback. 

While most information is accessible through downloading a spreadsheet directly from the appropriate Tableau dashboard on our public Data and Reports section of the website, some information may be needed, which should only be used internally for departmental assessments and should never be made public to anyone, such as an employer.  Please place your request on my Trello board with an appropriate deadline. 

Internal data includes any information directly associated with:

  • Student name
  • Student email
  • UVID
  • GPA 
  • Evaluation/Survey comments by students, faculty, and employers
  • Supervisor Evaluation  

Per university policy we are not allowed to collect information regarding:

  • Ethnic or religious affiliation
  • Citizenship or immigration status