Internship Demographics

How to view and interact with data

The dashboard below displays student experience data for students doing internships while at Utah Valley University.

Helpful tips

  • For the best experience viewing this data, use a desktop or laptop computer rather than a phone or tablet.
  • Utilize the "By Year" and "By Semester" tabs at the top of the page to switch views. 
  • If the view suddenly becomes blank while you interact with the data, you have unselected all of your filters. Make a new selection, and the view will reappear. 
  • After selecting a particular data point, it will turn blue. To unselect, simply click on another data point, or re-click the one currently selected.
  • Age and first-generation data are not available prior to summer 2018. 
  • Scholarship numbers are separated by college and are not specific to a major.
  • Use the download button in the lower-right corner of the view. You will then have the option to download an image, pdf, or PowerPoint version of the current view and selection. For a more specific data set, please contact: Martin Overly, Internship Services