1. Get Started! 
    Reach out to one of our internship coordinators - they are here to help you! 
    Our coordinators are available for contact by:
    • Email (include your UVID in the email so they can find your information!)
    • Chat on Microsoft Teams (just search their name on MS Teams to find them)
    • Using their appointment scheduler on the "Apply for Credit" page


    Click here to find your internship coordinator
  2. Find an Internship  
    Here are some resources for finding internships:
    • The Handshake Website or App (login/sign up using your UVU ID)
    • Talk to faculty or other students
    • Talk to your Internship Coordinator. A current/new job may also qualify as an internship


  3. Apply and Prepare for Interviews  
    Make sure you have a:
    • Professional Resume
    • Effective Cover Letter
    • Practice and Prep for Interviews


    If you need any help or feedback on this process, contact the CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTER




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*Your Internship Coordinator will give you the appropriate Application for Academic Credit in your college. If you do not have that application, click here.

**You are only able to register for the class once your internship has been approved for academic credit.