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About the UVU Internship Program

Utah Valley University Internship Services is the central location to help organize, promote and coordinate the internship process.  This office assists with legal questions, acts as a resource center, ensures academic consistency, disseminates internship information and coordinates with academic departments and the Career Development Center to assist employers and students in developing beneficial relationships.

Each college/school within the university has an Internship Coordinator.  Each department within the university assigns a Faculty Supervisor/s to and oversee the internship experience.  The Faculty Supervisor teaches the student’s internship course and provides mentorship and feedback to the student. 

Benefits to Employers

  • Internships are a flexible, cost-effective way to recruit and evaluate potential employees.
  • Interns provide a year round source of highly motivated pre-professionals.
  • Students bring new perspective to old problems.
  • The visibility of your organization on campus is increased.
  • Interns are quality candidates for temporary or seasonal positions and projects.
  • Your company benefits from cutting edge technologies, perspectives and relevant skills being learned in the university.
  • You will earn community respect and goodwill as the community and other employers learn of your support of local university students.
  • You will have the opportunity to provide feedback to the university to shape the training of future professionals.
  • Internships free up time for professional staff to pursue more creative projects.

Steps to Participation

  1. Set Expectations. What does your organization hope to achieve from the program? Before hiring an intern, evaluate your organization's ability to provide meaningful work assignments and invest time in interns through training and supervision. As beneficial as an intern may be for your organization, you must also consider the opportunity the intern will have to learn and excel at what he or she will be doing.

  2. Create a Plan. Consider such things as qualifications, job description, number of hours to be worked, and beginning and end dates. Make sure the internship meets the basic internship criteria (See Employer Guide, page 1) and that the experience has academic rigor. You should also consider your ability to provide financial support (salary, stipends, gas money, etc.) and work space.
    Begin by locating a site supervisor that would enjoy and benefit from working with an intern. Please assign an employee who is committed to and capable of supervising and mentoring. To ensure the highest quality learning experience for UVU interns, we request that site supervisors are professionals in the field and have background experience in the intern's learning objectives. 

  3. Complete a Master Internship Agreement Form. Review and sign theInternship Agreements with UVU.  This agreement is for the protection of the employer, the intern and Utah Valley University against inappropriate conduct on the part of the other parties. Completed agreements may be faxed, mailed or scanned to Internship Services.

  4. Recruit an Intern. Post your position on Handshake.  This service is free to employers and is available for viewing by all UVU students and faculty. Your position will also be added to our weekly "Hot Internships" email which goes out to all students and academic departments. Contact the Internship Service Office with any questions you have.

  5. Hire the Intern. Review applicants and interview qualified students. Decide on who you want to hire and offer the position to the student. The student will then meet with their Internship Coordinator on campus to register for the internship course and receive the academic requirements for the internship. 

    The student may be required by their academic department to complete documentation regarding the internship experience. The site supervisor will be asked to review and endorse the Internship Learning Agreement, a statement outlining the intern's learning objectives. The site supervisor may also receive a scheduled visit from the UVU Internship Coordinator or Faculty Supervisor for a brief discussion regarding the details of the intern's coursework as it pertains to the employer.

  6. Manage the Intern. Decide who will supervise the intern. Provide an orientation, training and give the intern the resources they need to do the job. Provide a lot of feedback and close supervision.

  7. Evaluate the Intern. Interns are responsible to provide you with evaluation forms mid-semester and at the end of the internship. Give the intern honest feedback and return the form to the student to be turned in as part of their evaluation for a grade.

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If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, please contact Niki Swan, Director Internship Services at nswan@uvu.edu, (801) 863-6004.

Recruiting UVU Students

One of the best ways to recruit a UVU intern is to post your position on Wolverine Career Link. The system is easy to use and is free to employers.

  • Access the online Handshake to create a profile and submit a position announcement electronically. Once an internship posting is received it will be reviewed for approval and then made available to students and faculty through the online internship database and on the weekly "Hot Internships" email.
  • You may either create the posting yourself using the instructions sheet below or complete the internship posting template and submit it to our office at internships@uvu.edu . If you have forgotten your username or password feel free to contact our office at 801-863-6364 for assistance.

Career Link Posting Instructions

We welcome employers to participate in any of the UVU recruiting events for the academic school year. Career Fairs are a great way to meet a variety of students and promote your business on campus. You may self-register for any of these events by going to the following link or contact Janalee Carter at 801-863-8916 or at janalee.carter@uvu.edu for additional information and assistance.

UVU Programs and Degrees

UVU values student engagement, scholarly excellence, and creative work. We support active learning and professional development for students, faculty, and staff. We cultivate community leadership and strong relationships that extend the university into the workplace and region.

  • Matthew Holland, President Utah Valley University

Located in Orem, Utah, UVU is the largest publicly funded university in the state and the fourth largest open admissions university in the nation. Utah Valley University is a teaching institution which prepares students through a combination of academic and hands on learning experiences— the fusion of the two concepts is referred to as engaged learning.

In addition to a long-rooted commitment to serving the community, UVU's emphasis on engaged learning has led to its classification as community engaged by the Carnegie Foundation in 2008. The university is composed of qualified professionals who are committed to these core themes and objectives:

  • Student Success - UVU supports students in achieving their educational, professional, and personal goals
  • Inclusive - UVU provides opportunity for individuals from a wide variety of backgrounds and perspectives and meets regional educational needs
  • Engaged - UVU engages its communities in mutually beneficial collaboration and emphasizes engaged learning
  • Serious - UVU fosters a culture of academic rigor and professional excellence
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Current Enrollment: 34,978
Average Internships per year: 2,400
Masters Degree Programs: 2
Baccalaureate Degree Programs: 83
Associate Degree Programs: 64
Certificate/Diploma Programs: 42
TOTAL GRADUATES 2015-16: 5,118

Review complete list of diplomas and certificate programs and the enrollment in each program.

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