Common Questions

Can students register for an internship course at any time during the semester without incurring late registration fees?


Yes and no. Depending on specific departmental policy, a student can be added late to an internship course up to and in limited cases, after the mid-semester without incurring additional fees. See your college's internship coordinator for additional information.

How does workload conversion work relative to teaching an internship course?


Each department has three options for structuring Faculty Supervisor pay:


  1. Adjunct Instructor
  2. Faculty member overload
  3. Faculty member regular load


Refer to the information below:


  • Adjunct faculty will be paid by the contact hour as outlined in Internship Services policy. For internship courses, contact hours = credit hours.
  • Faculty workload will be determined by the standard USHE formula for a remote education course. This is factored as students x credit hours/20.
  • That calculation will then be multiplied by .6 to represent the division of workload among the faculty supervisor and the internship coordinator. Note that the internship coordinator does not receive 40% of the compensation, this is merely a representation of the division of workload. The multiplier can be variable depending on the unique division of workload for each department.
  • Departments are responsible to ensure the course catalog lists contact hours that are equal to credit hours, not hours the student will be working during the internship.
  • Departments are responsible to ensure the Internship Coordinator for their college is listed each semester as a co-teacher/instructor.
  • Course enrollment should not exceed 30 students (the maximum enrollment for an adjunct instructor).


All Internship Providers that have completed the UVU Internship Agreement are listed on the Internship Providers List. These internship providers are considered approved to offer credit-bearing internships.