Helping the Student



Below are some ways in which faculty members can support internships within their department:


  • Announce and/or promote internship opportunities in your classes.
  • Add department internship information to your syllabus
  • Invite the Internship Coordinator for your school/college to speak with your class about internships
  • Have former students return and report about internship and career experiences
  • Include internship subject matter in the overall curriculum
  • Work with your college's internship coordinator to create relationships with internship providers and other organizations.
  • Provide suggestions and feedback to the Internship Services department regarding processes and procedures. 




While advisor roles and responsibilities will vary depending on the academic department, the following should be referred to by all advisors assisting with the internship process.


    • Encourage internship involvement as a way to enhance a student's collegiate experience.
    • Refer students to their internship coordinator.
    • Encourage students to use UVU Handshake to search for internships
    • Inform students that they must complete internship orientation prior to their Internship Application and subsequent course registration.
    • Ensure that international students and/or students attempting to obtain credit for an international internship are aware that there are pre-departure tasks which must be completed prior to course registration and the internship experience, including travel registration
    • Post internship success stories and advertising on your office door, information board or department website.


For additional suggestions or assistance with increasing internship participation in your department, please call (801) 863-6589 or email 


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