Canvas Course Updates and FAQ's


Will my previous semester’s content be overwritten if I import this template course into my actual internship course?  No.  All previous content will remain.  New content will be added, however. 

How do I access the Canvas Course?  Access to to the course can only occur if you import it into one of your existing courses from Canvas Commons. 

Will my content be automatically updated if any changes are made to the Canvas Commons course? No.  You must import the new content, however, there is an unpublished section within the course, that will describe any updates (the updates are above), so that your life is a lot easier and all you have to do is to quickly delete any modules or assignments you do not wish to update. 

Do I have to use the Canvas Commons course? No, but it is highly recommended.  The course is an effective way at setting up your course easily and informing you of what the requirements are for students performing internships at Utah Valley University. 

Technical Support

Importing internship content into your existing course:  Please contact Martin Overly, Internship Services

General Canvas technical support:  For canvas training resources, refer to the following page.  Canvas Help for UVU Faculty.  You can also get assistance from the UVU Office of Teaching and Learning Lab for general help with Canvas.

UVU Office of Teaching and Learning | 801-863-6127 | FL 515
Monday & Wednesday: 8:00am-5:30pm
Tuesday, Thursday, & Friday: 8:00am-6:00pm