Managing Internship Applications



Approval Process

General Application Process: A student begins an application by entering their Internship Orientation Completion Code.  Applications are specific to a particular UVU college, or in some cases, majors.  Students should use the appropriate link on the Application for Academic Credit page as opposed to sending a link to the student directly.  DO NOT open an application, copy a link, and send it to a student as this will associate the application with the individual who first opened and copied the link.  

General Approval Process:  Once the application is completed by the student, an approval flow process begins in chronological order as seen below.  After the application is fully processed, all relevant parties will receive an email with a finalized decision. 

When first opening an approval for a student, you will see a page with application details and other information such as previous approver decisions and a Considerations section that will display noteworthy information such as remote internships, students attempting to perform their internship internationally, students attempting to use their job as an internship, and more. 

At the bottom of the page you will see an Actions dropdown menu.  If you select Approved, Return to Student, or Deny and End you will be taken to a page where you can enter notes.   If you select Edit Now or Approver Change, you will be taken to a new section that will allow you to modify the application.  If you select Cancel Application, the application will immediately end.  Specific information about each action can be found in the Approval Options section below. 

Order and Scope:

International Student Services (when applicable): International students are automatically detected in the application system.  When this occurs, the first approver will be a representative from International Students Services.  The ISS office reviews the application to determine appropriate F1 Eligibility and I-20 authorization.  

Faculty: Reviews application for academic merit.  Any other useful information that would help the internship coordinator can be put in the approval notes as well.  The coordinator will then use faculty notes and make a final, cumulative decision based on all factors. 

Final Approver: Typically the Internship Coordinator, the Final Approver determines whether a Master Internship Agreement needs to be completed, and if approved, sends registration instructions to the student.

Approval Options

Approve:  After an application is approved, it will either be sent to the next approver or if it is in the final approval phase, an email will be sent to the student with registration instructions.  Unless a particular approver has adjusted notification settings for a particular application, the student and all approvers will receive an email with a finalized application decision. 

Return to Student: An approver sends a note to the student's email so they can correct their application. After the correction, an updated application link will be emailed to the current approver. 

Edit Now: Edit application details.   This is useful for minor edits such as a change of semester.  After editing, you will have the option to take action on the application, or you can opt to send an updated approval link to the current approver. 

Approver Change:   Used to change an approver for the current application.  This is useful for applications in que which need to be re-assigned.   If you would like to edit the application and change an approver, you can select either action and both options will be available to you.   You also have the option to request a permanent approver change. 

Deny and End: Used to deny and end an application.  Use the application notes section to send your reasons for the denial.   The purpose of the Deny and End option is to allow a decision which cannot otherwise be addressed using the Edit Now or Return to Student features. Common examples for a Deny and End decision would be situations that cannot be resolved in the short-term,  such as an internship that doesn't meet departmental requirements or other factors like matriculation.

Cancel Application: Use the application notes section to document your reasons for cancelation (duplicates, student withdrawal). No email notifications will be sent.


Can I go backwards with an approval action? For example, if the application is in the final approval stage, can it be sent back to the faculty approver? 

No.  All actions allow for either approval or editing for the current approver or the student, but applications cannot go backwards in the approval flow.  If an application needs to be adjusted in this manner, please contact your school's  Internship Coordinator

I cannot locate an approval link in my email? Who should I contact? Please contact your school's Internship Coordinator and they can provide you with an approval link. 

I am observing a system error when trying to access the application? What should I do? 

Clear your browser cache and cookies or try using another browser.  Best results for application experiences are found using Chrome or Firefox.

Instructions for clearing browser cache and cookies:



For all other questions, please contact:

Martin Overly, Internship Services