Below you will find a list of internship related forms. Please note that your department may use an alternate form other than the Internship Learning Agreement and/or Supervisor Evaluation. Please check with your department to determine which forms you should use..

Properly Viewing and Saving Documents:  Please save any documents to your computer before completing them.  You will also want to ensure that you have the appropriate software loaded onto your computer in order to properly view and save forms (e.g. Microsoft Word, Adobe Acrobat, or other compatible software). If you have this software and are still having an issue, please attempt to use another web browser.  

Internship Agreements for Internship Providers

Internship Agreements with Utah Valley University are legally binding contracts between the University and the Internship Provider.  Agreements are categorized as either Master Internship Agreements (Domestic Internships) or International Memorandum of Understanding (International Internships) All Internship Providers should have a current, signed agreement with the Director of Internship Services at UVU. This document outlines the responsibilities of the internship provider to the intern, and the responsibilities of the intern to both the Internship Provider and the university. Additionally, the agreement serves to protect both the University and Internship Provider from improper conduct on either end. 

Application for Academic Credit

The Application for Academic Credit is returned to your internship coordinator to receive academic credit for your internship. Please find your internship coordinator through the Application for Academic Credit link and then click on the Application button for your specific Internship Coordinator. 

Internship Learning Agreement

The Learning Agreement is created between you and your faculty supervisor and is used to assess learning objectives for your internship experience. Please note that some departments have custom learning agreements.  Please check with your department to determine if this is the appropriate form for you to use.  

Supervisor Evaluation

The Supervisor Evaluation s a document that should be sent to internship site supervisors near the conclusion of a student's internship in order for them to assess student performance .  While academic departments are not required to use this form, departments should be aware that the evaluation effectively addresses university expectations regarding internships.  If a department chooses to use a specific evaluation, the form on this page should be used as a foundation in creating those evaluations. Please note that some departments have custom Supervisor Evaluations. Please check with your department to determine if this is the appropriate form for you to use.  

Student Evaluation

Every student who completes an internship at Utah Valley University is required to complete the Internship Completion Survey.  In addition, departments may wish to use the following form as a basis for Student Evaluation.  Please note, however, that some departments have custom Student Evaluations. Please check with your department to determine if this is the appropriate form for you to use.

International Internship Checklist

The International Checklist will help guide you through the sequential steps of trying to obtain academic credit for an internship performed outside of the United States. 

International Internship Application

The International Application is required for all students attempting to obtain credit for an internship performed outside of the United States.  In nearly all cases this application will only be completed after the student has secured an international internship.  

Media Consent Form

This Media Consent Form is for students who are submitting materials such as photographs or video to UVU Internship Services.  In order for us to use photographs or videos we need to have the consent of the student to use these, primarily as they are used as marketing materials.